Introducing Investor Care team

1. Mission function

With the goal of maintaining the leading position in the rankings of PAR Index, PCI, PAPI, SIPAS, Quang Ninh Province decided to establish a Group to support Quang Ninh Investment Projects (Quang Ninh Investor Care) to contribute further improve the business investment environment and administrative reform. The Working Team has the task of proactively capturing information, summarizing the implementation of off-budget projects, finding out the difficulties and obstacles in the implementation of projects; promptly direct affiliated units to support and solve the recommendations, difficulties and problems of investors, or propose to competent authorities to consider and resolve to ensure progress, efficiency and reduce minimize administrative procedures. Every month, IPA - the standing agency - assumes the prime responsibility for working, monitoring and synthesizing support work, solving difficulties and problems for investors and reporting to the Provincial People's Committee on the results of solving difficulties and problems. The members of the Working Team are entitled to use the seals and specialized parts of their respective departments, divisions, branches and localities to assist in the operation process.

2. Investor Care Permanent

Investor Care operates under the direction of Mr. Nguyen Tuong Van - Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Head of the IPA, and Mr. Bui Van Khang - Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee in charge of the role of Team Leader. . The standing deputy team is led by Ms. Vu Thi Kim Chi Permanent Deputy Head of the IPA. Other members are Director of departments, agencies, leaders of districts, towns and cities and relevant officials and civil servants in charge of improving the business investment environment.