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                                                               GENERAL OVERVIEW

                                                             Quang Ninh Province is located at a strategic
                                                             location; it is considered as a “small Vietnam”.
                                                             Is is due to the fact that Quang Ninh’s forestry
                                                             and maritime resources are plentiful, its
                                                             landscapes are truly impressive; it has border
                                                             lines both on land and at sea sharing 03
                                                             border gates with the People’s Republic of
                                                             China; its coastal line stretches hundreds of
                       Geographical coordinates: 106˚26 ‘to   kilometers with Ha Long and Bai Tu Long
                108˚31’3’ east longitude, 20˚40 ‘to 21˚40’ north   Bays on a large fishing ground. Quang Ninh
                                                 latitude.   is located within Vietnam – China economic
                   Location: Northeast Vietnam. Bordered by   cooperation zone “Two corridors, one belt”;
                  the People’s Republic of China to the North;   a bridge between ASEAN – China and being
                                                             one  of  the centers of  Vietnam’s Northern
                  bordered by Lang Son province to the West;   key economic zone, etc. Quang Ninh’s
                bordered by Gulf of Tonkin to the East and the   natural potential and advantages create
                South; bordered by Bac Giang Province to the   opportunities for sustainable economic
                  West; bordered by Hai Duong province and   development in terms of industry; tourism;
                            Haiphong City to the Southwest.  commercial services in border area; maritime

                                     Land area: 6.178km2.    economic development, etc.
                               Coastal length: Over 250km.   Furthermore,  Quang  Ninh  is  also  the
                                                             attractive  convergence  of  immeasurable
                         Land border’s length: Over 118km.   spiritual, cultural and historical values. This

                              Population: About 1.3 million.  is one of the cradles of ancient Vietnamese.
                Administration: 13 administrative units. Being   To go to Quang Ninh is to visit Yen Tu –
                     the only province in the country with 04   Vietnam’s Buddhist Center; to visit Ha Long
                                          Provincial cities.  Bay – twice recognized by UNESCO as world
                                                             natural heritage in terms of geological,
                   Province’s capital: Ha Long City – Cultural,   geomorphological and landscape terms;
                             economic and political Center.  voted by global community as one of the
                                Climate: Tropical monsoon.   new 7 world’s natural wonders; to visit
                                                             over 600 historical relics and other famous
                       Average annual temperature: 21-23˚C.
                                                             sceneries. Thanks to the natural advantages,
                                                Humidity     Quang Ninh’s population and society is a
                  Annual average relative humidity: 82 - 85%.  combination, convergence, unity of diverse
                                                             elements of Vietnam’s Red River Civilization. It
                                         Rainfall: 1995mm
                                                             could be said that its population and natural
                            Ethnic group: 22 ethnic groups.  preferences give  Quang Ninh superior
                                    Language: Vietnamese.    advantages in order to develop a sustainable
                                                             and prosperous green economy.

                                                      Industrial Parks, Economic Zones of Quang Ninh Province
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