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Accompanying businesses to develop sustainably


According to statistics, in the 9 months of 2021, Quang Ninh has granted and adjusted investment certificates for 35 projects with domestic and foreign investment capital with a total additional registered capital of over VND 36,000 billion, 2.65 times higher than the same period. The province also approved and adjusted investment policies for 48 projects having domestic capital with a total registered capital of 268,000 billion VND.

Quang Ninh province is flexible in controlling people and vehicles entering and leaving the province, without disrupting input materials for production activities.

To get these impressive investment attraction results, the province has synchronously and methodically implemented epidemic prevention solutions according to the motto "3 first, 4 on the spot", with the proactive spirit "from afar, from early, from grassroots”. Thanks to high priority, maximum concentration, proactivity and flexibility in measures, the province's epidemic prevention and control have achieved positive results. During the 4th wave of the epidemic, Quang Ninh still maintained a safe "green zone", an area "stable and developed in the new normal", thereby serving as a premise to improve the investment environment.

In particular, thanks to maintaining a safe area, the province has created favorable conditions and maximum support for businesses to bring experts from abroad to enter Vietnam and import equipment and raw materials to serve the local manufacture. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, no enterprises in Quang Ninh province have had to stop operating due to a lack of labor or input materials for production, especially enterprises in the processing and manufacturing sector in industrial zones and clusters in the area.

Along with that, the province also prioritizes resources, early vaccination against Covid-19 for all workers in industrial parks, factories and production facilities. Thereby, creating and ensuring a safe production and business environment, confidence for investors.

Mr. Park Jae Jang, Deputy Director of BumJin Electronics Vina Co., Ltd., said: While in many other localities, many businesses were forced to suspend production or operate in moderation, losing development momentum due to negative impacts of the epidemic, in Quang Ninh we can still maintain the normal production and business pace and gradually have positive development. That result is thanks to Quang Ninh province's very good control of the disease. At the same time, businesses and investors like us also receive the province's commitment to close and practical support.

The business supporting group of Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch meets face-to-face, listens to opinions, and removes difficulties for Texhong Vietnam Industrial Park Co., Ltd.

Thanks to maintaining a safe location, creating favorable conditions and accompanying and supporting businesses, the province's economic growth rate in the first nine months of 2021 has achieved many positive results, helping the province to be confident with its target to successfully implement the "dual-target" in 2021. The province's GRDP in the first nine months of 2021 increased by 8.6%, higher than the same period (8.5%). In which, the industry and construction sector alone grew by 11.6%; increased by 1.8% compared to the scenario; contributed 6% to growth and accounted for 53.9% of GRDP.

In order to continue to improve the business investment environment in the context that most businesses are heavily affected by Covid-19, Quang Ninh determines that it is necessary to stabilize psychology and improve confidence in businesses. From the provincial to local levels, departments and branches have continuously held meetings, dialogues, and tried to solve difficulties for businesses in difficulty.

In particular, the province has established and promulgated the Operation Regulation of the Supporting Group for investment projects using extra-budgetary capital in the province of Quang Ninh (Quang Ninh Investor Care) to grasp difficulties and obstacles in order to remove procedures on investment, land, site clearance..., support and urge to speed up the implementation of projects contributing to the growth target of the province.

Mr. Nguyen Truong Giang, Deputy General Director of Quang Ninh Cement and Construction Joint Stock Company, shared: I and many businesses in the area have worked with Investor Care Quang Ninh and I believe this is an effective model in accompanying, sharing and removing difficulties for businesses. At the working sessions, the Standing Investor Care Group directly listened to the opinions of enterprises, promptly provided consultation, and summarized in detail the proposals and recommendations of enterprises to report to the Provincial People's Committee. Since then, many urgent problems in the production and business activities of enterprises have been promptly resolved, creating motivation for enterprises to develop.

After nearly 3 months of operation, Quang Ninh Investor Care has urgently coordinated with departments, agencies, sectors and localities to review and gather projects with extra-budgetary capital to deploy investment support, in which priority selection is given to 39 out of 101 projects with a total investment of more than 121,600 billion VND in order to speed up coordination and support to start construction early in 2021. Up to now, there have been 12 transformative projects (accounting for 31.58%); it is expected that by the end of this year, there will be 10 more projects selected by the investor to consider, put into operation and start construction.

Minh Ha (Bao Quang Ninh)