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Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Cao Tuong Huy inspects the plan to use the mine waste soil for leveling projects


On the afternoon of February 18, Comrade Cao Tuong Huy, Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, went to field inspection of mine waste dumps, plans for exploitation and use, ports and ports, transportation routes of mine waste. leveling projects in the province. Accompanying were leaders of relevant departments, branches and localities.

  Comrade Cao Tuong Huy, Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, inspects the waste dump of Bac Bang Danh mine (Ha Long City).

At present, the average amount of soil and rock removed, excavated and dumped by coal industry units is over 150 million m³ each year. In the process of opencast coal mining for decades, the Vietnam Coal-Mineral Industry Group (TKV) alone has excavated and dumped waste soil and rock into waste dumps of over 1 billion m³. On average each year, Quang Ninh province needs about 130 million m³ of soil and rock as materials for leveling. It is expected that by 2030, the demand for leveling materials for projects in the province will be about 1 billion m³. In fact, many key projects and works deployed in the province are lacking in materials for ground leveling.


Facing the increasing demand for materials for leveling and leveling for projects, recently, Quang Ninh province has requested TKV and Quang Ninh Coal Processing Company to focus on solving difficulties and obstacles. complete the procedures to ensure the legal eligibility to exploit, recover the mine waste soil and rock for leveling of civil and industrial works. In 2022, TKV has exploited 19,000 m³ of waste soil and rock at the Suoi Lai mine waste dump to serve the leveling of the Cua Luc 3 bridge project. Currently, the reserve of mine waste soil in the Suoi Lai mine waste dump area is about approx. 3.5 million m³. As for the Bac Bang Danh waste dump, it is expected that by 2025, the waste soil and rock reserves will reach over 200 million m³.

Comrade Cao Tuong Huy, Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee inspects at Lang Khanh Port (Ha Long City)

After conducting a physical inspection at Suoi Lai, Bac Bang Danh and Lang Khanh Ports, Comrade Cao Tuong Huy, Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requested: To quickly deploy the land use Mining waste rock serving leveling projects in the province, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment needs to coordinate and guide member units of Vietnam Coal - Mineral Industry Group, Dong Bac Corporation to complete procedures and report to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for licensing exploitation of waste dumps. He also assigned the Economic Zone Management Board to urgently work with the investors of industrial parks in the province to review and determine the demand for waste soil and rock output; calling for investment in conveyor belts from the foot of Bac Bang Danh waste dump to Lang Khanh Port by socialization. The Department of Construction specifically studies to build the most appropriate and effective unit price and transportation plan. The Department of Transport studies and proposes dredging the Dien Vong river channel from Lang Khanh port to Cua Luc bay and procedures for granting temporary port permits at projects.