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Agriculture industry catches up with digital transformation


The Provincial Agriculture Sector is promoting the implementation of Resolution No. 09-NQ/TU of the Provincial Party Committee on comprehensive digital transformation of Quang Ninh province to 2025, with a vision to 2030. Many farmers have digitized with fields, production areas, creating added value and transparency of products.

Digital transformation is an inevitable trend of industries and fields, including agriculture. Currently, many people, businesses and cooperatives have seized the opportunity of digital transformation, not only focusing on digital transformation in the field of production and livestock, but also proactively proposing and effectively coordinating with functional units. Ability to issue codes of growing areas, produce according to VietGAP standards, and issue barcodes for products.

Farmers have put high-quality products on major e-commerce platforms such as Tiki, Lazada, Shopee. From standardizing production processes, commercial processes, encoding parameters..., almost all the agricultural products of the province that have advantages in the market are well received by the prestigious domestic distribution system. preferred by consumers.

Many livestock households in the district also apply digital technology by equipping a camera system to monitor cages and farms. Thereby reducing labor and costs in production. In Tien Yen district, there are more than 400 livestock breeding establishments on a concentrated scale; in which about 20% of establishments have initially applied innovative forms of product production and consumption by integrating digital technology.

Through websites, the Provincial Agriculture Department has provided information about 456 products participating in the OCOP program of 13/13 localities with supermarkets, markets, 27 shops introducing and selling OCOP products, 5 trading floors. e-commerce translation; coordinate in providing information for 418 businesses, cooperatives and business households to list and transact online on e-commerce platforms.

The comprehensive digital transformation in agriculture has initially brought practical results. However, in order to restructure the Agriculture sector and develop centralized, large-scale commodity agriculture towards modernity, high added value and sustainability, units, businesses, cooperatives and people need to push further strengthen digital transformation, especially applying digital technologies in all production processes to create a stable production environment, improve product quality, and assert a foothold in the market.