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Appreciate inspection and supervision of thrift practice and fight against waste


One of the solutions proposed by the Provincial People's Committee in the program of thrift practice and anti-waste in 2022 is that provincial-level agencies, mass organizations and district-level People's Committees strengthen inspection, inspection and supervision of construction. implementation of programs and provisions of law related to thrift practice and anti-waste.

Recently, the outbreak of Covid-19 and complicated developments have greatly affected all activities. Especially the economy and workers' lives and jobs are seriously affected... Based on the Government's overall program and closely following the content of the Provincial Party Committee's direction on thrift practice, fighting against waste, the Provincial People's Committee promulgates action plans and directs departments, branches and localities to develop implementation plans suitable to the actual situation of agencies and units.

The content focused on leadership and direction is the synchronous implementation of tasks and solutions to practice thrift, fight waste in all areas of socio-economic life in the spirit of the annual work theme: "Like respond safely, flexibly and effectively control the Covid-19 epidemic; maintain growth momentum; develop high-quality human resources”. In which, it is required to effectively perform tasks, solve problems for production and business, ensure social order and safety for economic recovery and development; tightening financial - budgetary discipline - directing the management of state budget revenues and expenditures; focus on disbursing the public investment capital plan, in association with the use of public investment capital, ensuring compliance with the principles, criteria, norms for allocation of public investment capital and the order of priority according to the provisions of the Law on Investment. labour.

Along with that, the province also requires to well implement the management and use of public assets according to regulations and improve the efficiency of using public assets for agencies and units; strictly implement regulations on auction when selling, transferring, leasing public property, allocating and leasing land, and combating wastefulness in the use of natural resources, minerals, and environmental pollution treatment...