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 Cleaning and adjusting signs on Ha Long - Hai Phong highway.

Specifically, the Ha Long - Hai Phong expressway with a length of 25km is invested with budget capital, currently managed and maintained by Construction Development Joint Stock Company 909; Ha Long - Van Don expressway has a length of more than 60km and is invested, exploited and managed by Bien Cuong Joint Stock Company in the form of BOT.

These are two typical expressways in the innovation of investment mode of Quang Ninh, which have been put into operation since the beginning of 2019. However, both expressways were built in difficult conditions such as subsidence. at Ha Long - Hai Phong Expressway due to many locations on soft ground and landslides at Ha Long - Van Don Expressway due to high talus roofs. Meanwhile, the geology of the area the route passes through is still in the process of change and is not stable. Therefore, there is a potential risk, affecting the structure of the work, causing traffic disruption, especially in the rainy and stormy season.

In order to minimize the impact of weather on the infrastructure of the two highways, avoid risks, and maintain smooth traffic even on stormy days, the management units have conducted a review and received risk assessment; closely coordinate with specialized agencies to evaluate, make hypothetical scenarios of possible situations and implement remedial measures, handle and resolve the situation.

 The system of culverts across the road, longitudinal trenches, and the drainage system on the Ha Long - Van Don expressway have been cleared.

Simultaneously, the units also cleared the entire system of culverts across the road, longitudinal trenches, drainage system on talus roofs; reviewing bridge items, reinforcing four cones on the route. At the same time, make a plan of the plan when there is an incident to promptly identify the points to demolish the fence, railing, and divider as a temporary route to maintain a smooth route; arrange dump sites, take the initiative for dumping, gather location for loading and unloading equipment and transport, sign cooperation contracts with local contractors, can use equipment and vehicles when necessary available.

In order to promptly detect and handle potential risks, the management unit has set up working groups, equipped with specialized vehicles to organize road patrols every day. In addition to collecting information, detecting violations of the traffic safety corridor, and removing obstacles on the road, the task force will review the entire infrastructure, detect unusual problems to reporting to the command center, early implementation of remedial work. The view is that the first priority is to protect human life and safety; focus on handling measures suitable to actual conditions on the scene, ensuring traffic on the route.

 Management units inspect the bridge on Ha Long - Hai Phong highway.

If it is considered that an incident needs to be reported to other relevant units, the route traffic control center will notify coordination agencies, local and central media agencies, such as: Media Center Quang Ninh province, VOV traffic channel and toll station nearby, to promptly notify vehicles that have been and are intending to enter the route...

In this year's stormy season, it is forecasted that due to the impact of El Nino phenomenon, natural disasters will continue to have complicated developments, the number of storms is less but the intensity and intensity are more anomalous; The heavy rain is not much but more intense, storms and tropical depressions appear later than the average for many years.

With the motto "4 on the spot, 3 ready" (forces, commanders, supplies, logistics on the spot; proactively prevent, respond promptly, overcome quickly and effectively) and the spirit of ownership. Early action to situations in the rainy and stormy season..., believes that Quang Ninh's expressways always ensure smooth and safe, contributing to convenient connection of localities in the province even in rainy and stormy days. large, creating favorable conditions for people to travel.