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Four waves of Covid-19 outbreak in the past two years have disrupted global supply, production and business chains, even for Western countries with developed economies. In that context, along with the whole country, Quang Ninh is a locality with good Covid-19 prevention and control, keeping a safe area, establishing a green zone in socio-economic development.

 Leaders of Provincial Economic Zone Management Board awarded the investment registration certificate to the representative of Jinko Solar Vietnam Technology Co., Ltd., September 9, 2021.

Improve investment attraction

In 2021 - the first year of implementing the resolution of the Party congresses at all levels for the 2020-2025 term, Quang Ninh faces many difficulties and challenges, but with innovative, scientific, creative thinking and strategic vision , the province has turned "danger" into "opportunity", taking advantage of the shift of investment capital of economic groups and foreign investors, promoting attraction to the area with the motto "Let's go together, come together, accompany and develop together”.

The Provincial Economic Zone Management Board, a unit that has the function of managing and attracting investment projects in the area of ​​industrial zones and economic zones, in 2021 despite the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, the unit has actively innovated its promotion methods. investment support. Instead of directly contacting and meeting with investors, the unit has built a list of projects attracting investment in industrial zones and economic zones in the province, and discussed with investors via email, Zalo, fanpage, association. online offer…

On the basis of reviewing the development plans of industrial zones and economic zones and updating the province's investment attraction orientation in the current period, the Provincial Economic Zone Management Board has coordinated with the Investment Promotion and Support Board to advise, propose to the Provincial People's Committee a list of projects calling for and attracting investment in the area of ​​industrial parks and economic zones in the period of 2021-2025, including 1 project in the field of logistics, 3 projects in the technical infrastructure of the IZ and 8 projects on industrial production, processing and manufacturing.