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Industrial Park (IZ) Hai Ha seaport is planned with an area of ​​​​nearly 5,000 hectares, is a multi-industry development industrial park, including heavy industry, light industry (thermal electricity, mechanical engineering, textiles and accessories) textile support); is a port area, warehouse and general seaport services. Up to now, the IP has attracted 20 investors, initially bringing economic efficiency and ensuring social security in the area.

 Perspective of the management and operation area of ​​Hai Ha Seaport Industrial Park, phase 1.

Hai Ha Seaport Industrial Park is divided into 2 areas, the IP area and the seaport area. To ensure the goal of attracting investors to the IP, Quang Ninh province has spent more than VND 2,400 billion from the state budget to invest in technical infrastructure outside the fence, including the main traffic route. number 1, number 2; electricity, water and telecommunications supply projects for industrial zones. At present, these projects have been basically completed, promptly meeting the development needs of the industrial park.

Up to now, the IP has attracted 20 investors to the area, with a total registered capital of over 1.4 billion USD. In which, Texhong Group is assigned as the technical infrastructure investor of Hai Ha Seaport Industrial Park, phase 1 with an area of ​​660ha, the rest are secondary investment projects from Japan and China.

Ms. Chang Wei Chi, Deputy General Director of Texhong Vietnam Industrial Park Co., Ltd., said: As the investor of technical infrastructure business in Hai Ha Seaport Industrial Park, we have spent over US$200 million for site clearance and investment. technical infrastructure investment in the industrial zone. Currently, the unit has synchronously invested in technical infrastructure on an area of ​​300ha, reaching over 73% of the leased area and reaching 45% of the total area of ​​the industrial zone in phase 1. In which, the investment has completed 8.5km of internal roads. , 1 110KVA transformer station, 12,000m3/day and night industrial water treatment plant, boiler system, LPG gas station, 6 standard factories, 16,000m3/day and night wastewater treatment station. Currently, the unit is continuing to invest in the second phase of water supply plant with a capacity of 20,000m3/day and night; invest in another wastewater treatment module 20,000m3/day and night.