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Be proactive about safety and prevention of epidemics for smooth export


The Ministry of Industry and Trade requests resolutely to remove shipments showing signs of violation of epidemic prevention and control rules so as not to affect import and export in general and export of agricultural products in particular.


Overcoming many barriers

According to data of the General Department of Customs, in the first four months of 2022, the total import and export value of goods through Vietnam-China land border gates is estimated at 4.15 billion USD, accounting for 50.32% of the total value of goods. Vietnam's trade value through land border gates with bordering countries and accounts for 7.42% of the total value of Vietnam-China bilateral trade, down 64.5% over the same period. period 2021.

At the same time, mechanisms for cooperation and information exchange between ministries, central and local sectors have been maintained and constantly strengthened in recent years to effectively solve problems arising in border trade. .

In addition, border trade promotion activities continue to be implemented in a flexible manner to adapt to the epidemic prevention and control, contributing to maintaining trade and connection activities between the business communities of the two countries.

However, the Chinese Government's continued maintenance of the "No COVID" policy and the application of strict measures to control goods and vehicles... in order to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic at border gates. has greatly affected the speed of goods clearance.

Not only that, there were times when it caused a serious congestion of goods at the border gate area, and at the same time was the direct cause of the decrease in border trade turnover between Vietnam and China over the past time.

Many businesses of the two countries still choose to export under quota, which has many potential risks in terms of payment, quarantine, pressure for issuance, price pressure, and congestion. Moreover, the infrastructure for import and export activities of some border provinces is still lacking and weak, especially transport infrastructure and logistics services are still limited.

In addition, the international railway border gate has not been promoted due to the difference in track gauge; The border trade infrastructure is still small in scale, unable to meet the requirements of goods exchange and circulation with the Chinese side.