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Binh Khe in Tet flower season


At this time, along with many flower villages and flower fields in the province, Binh Khe flower area (Dong Trieu town) is focusing on the Tet flower crop, the main flower crop of the year.


The Tet flower crop of Binh Khe commune is mainly chrysanthemum, mono, lily, violet, peach blossom and ornamental kumquat. The total area for flowers and ornamental plants in Binh Khe is about 50 hectares, so most of the cultivated area of the commune in the last months of the year is devoted to growing flowers and ornamental plants.


Unlike modern flower gardeners, Binh Khe flower area is mainly open-air flower fields, which people apply advanced farming processes with light rigs hanging close to each other, ready to add light. light, temperature for plants, contributing to the adjustment of growth time and flowering at the right time.


Binh Khe people grow lilies in net houses, one of the solutions to control the flowering time of the plants.

People in Binh Khe grow lilies in net houses.

Vu Thi Hue's flower garden (Doc Man village) is less than half a hectare wide, but is arranged very scientifically, with all kinds of chrysanthemums, flowers, and lilies of all kinds covering the land area. For beautiful flowers, large flowers, bright colors, blooming at the right time, for lily plants, Ms. Hue uses dark net houses to limit light; for chrysanthemums, she cut off the branch buds so that the tree can focus on raising the main buds... Ms. Hue said: According to experience, we have calculated the right time for the tree to be harvested on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. However, flowering plants depend a lot on nature, so flowering earlier or later than the time of Tet may occur, then the revenue will decrease a lot.


Overcoming the situation of flowers blooming at the wrong time, Binh Khe people, besides using light rigs, are also proactive about the time of sowing flowers, relying on the growth and development of flowering plants to choose cultivation methods, reasonable dose of feces and drugs. The skill of cultivating flowers and ornamental plants of Binh Khe people is increasingly advanced, a far cry from the time about ten years ago, when they started to convert from an inefficient rice area to growing flowers and ornamental plants. Binh Khe flower growers can now propagate flowers to sell to gardeners inside and outside the province, including large flower regions such as Da Lat, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City, where Binh Khe people previously had to Come to learn from experience, import flower varieties for cultivation.


Mr. Vu Xuan Duong, a flower breeder in Doc Man village, said: Growing flowers can still be lost, depending on when the flowers bloom and the consumer market. And growing flowers for seeds is more stable, good varieties, trusted by customers, high revenue, sometimes up to 1.5 times higher than growing flowers.


Flowers of all kinds, peach trees, and kumquats in Tet have been bringing great income to Binh Khe people. According to commune leaders, with about 50 hectares of flowers and ornamental plants, Binh Khe people now bring in nearly 100 billion VND per year. This is not a small source of income, while the cultivation time is only the winter crop, about the last 3 months of the year; The rest of the time, Binh Khe field still cultivates rice, grows crops, and improves the value of the land.


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