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Binh Lieu: Economic recovery at the border gate


On January 8, after China fully restored customs clearance activities through border gates, border gates in Quang Ninh began to be active again. Binh Lieu district also quickly directed the branches to be proactive and active, effectively deploying solutions to restore the border gate economy, creating the most favorable conditions for businesses to import and export goods.

  Customs officers assist enterprises in carrying out import procedures for goods through Hoanh Mo border gate (Binh Lieu).

After 1 month of customs clearance, the number of imported goods is still more than that of exports, but it has created good signals for businesses operating at Hoanh Mo border gate. By the end of January, there were 2 Vietnamese paper cars exported to China, while the main imports were ceramic tiles, furniture, auto parts, pepper, anise, cinnamon...

Mr. Lo Tien Hung, Hung Truong Phat International Trade Co., Ltd., carrying out procedures for importing goods at Hoanh Mo border gate, shared: After more than 2 years of being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, import-export activities have passed through The border gate has faced many difficulties, so far when it has been reopened to normal operations, businesses are very excited. We are facilitated by the Border Management Board, border guards and customs departments to carry out import and export procedures very enthusiastically and quickly on all days of the week. Hope and believe that in 2023, import and export activities will prosper strongly.

Mr. Lo Ngoc Hoe, Head of Hoanh Mo Border Gate Management Board, said: In order to contribute to promoting activities and attracting businesses to Hoanh Mo border gate. The Border Gate Management Board has actively coordinated with functional sectors to maintain effective inspection and control of people, vehicles and goods in the border gate area. In particular, the functional branches at the border gate such as customs, border guards... all work without days off, always ready to serve businesses when there are goods that need to be imported and exported through the border gate to ensure quick, easy, comply with the law, create trust for businesses. Disease prevention at the border gate is still strictly maintained 2K regulations (disinfection and masks).

Along with that, the Hoanh Mo Border Gate Management Board also maintains regular contact and exchanges with the Department of Trade and Border Gate Management of Phong Thanh area (China) about the contents and information that the authorities at the same level of The parties have exchanged, agreed, and ensured the favorable customs clearance of goods at the border gates of each party.