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Binh Lieu: Focus on fulfilling the criteria of living environment quality


Implementing the new rural construction program (NTM), Binh Lieu district identified environmental criteria and improving the quality of living environment as the most important and difficult task. Therefore, over the past time, the district has drastically directed, mobilized all resources and participated in all classes of people for this task.


The people of Na Ech village, Huc Dong commune join hands to contribute to building a new rural road, creating a green - clean - beautiful landscape.

Being well aware of the importance and significance of environmental protection, the Party committees, authorities, departments, branches and mass organizations from district to grassroots have focused on directing and promoting propaganda and mobilizing people. collect, classify and treat waste at households; planting flowers, ornamental plants, creating a green - clean - beautiful environment. With the core role, the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations at all levels of the district have actively participated in propagandizing and mobilizing people to live a civilized lifestyle. Movements and models to preserve rural landscape and environment, from houses to alleys, fields, etc. have been widely deployed to each residential area. Prominent is the model led by the Women's Union to classify and treat domestic waste in households, turning waste into money; Model rural roads and rural areas are planted with flowers and trees, and fully installed with electric lighting systems by the Youth Union, Veterans Association, Women's Union... in charge. Some suitable road sections are also painted with murals, creating accents for the landscape of the residential area, such as at the central market area of ​​Binh Lieu town, the Health Station of Huc Dong commune, the gate of the Primary and Secondary School in Luc Hon commune. ...

In addition, from the beginning of the year until now, Binh Lieu has set a key task for thoroughly overcoming the shortage of hygienic latrines for people in all communes and towns. The review results at the beginning of the year showed that over 1,200 households in the whole district have not yet built hygienic and standard latrines. This is a very large number, and also poses a difficult problem when the whole district is trying to be able to "finish" NTM this year. Based on the actual situation, the district has focused on directing communes and towns to closely coordinate with the Fatherland Front and mass organizations to further promote propaganda, mobilization and grasping the ideological situation of the people. to create a consensus. In which, the role of exemplary, pioneering, and prestigious party members, village elders and village chiefs are maximized. The district also took advantage of mobilizing socialization resources and timely support from other units and localities in the province to support people to build hygienic latrines. Up to now, the whole district has over 1,160 households registered and committed to build latrines in 2022. Of which, nearly 425 households have completed, over 200 households have started construction and are in the process of implementation.

In order to meet the needs of using clean water and hygienic water for the people, Binh Lieu district has also been focusing on drastically directing relevant departments and units to implement synchronous solutions. In particular, promoting inspection and review of the current status of all concentrated domestic water works, proactively proposing the most appropriate management, maintenance and repair solutions.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, Head of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Binh Lieu district, said: Currently, the whole district has 26 domestic water works concentrated in rural areas and 4 works in town areas. From the beginning of 2022 up to now, through the review, the district has directed the specialized departments, departments and relevant localities to repair 6 works showing signs of deterioration to ensure operational efficiency. At the same time, all communes and towns also focused on adjusting regulations on management and use of domestic water works, mobilizing the participation of the community, promoting the role of village officials. , village, neighborhood.

The goal of building NTM district is not an easy task. Especially, the complete fulfillment of criteria on environment and quality of living environment with a series of contents such as: Households classify solid waste at source; daily-life wastewater shall be collected and treated by appropriate works and measures; area of ​​green land for public use; households use clean water; livestock establishments that ensure environmental sanitation and veterinary regulations; number of hygienic latrines... However, with the participation of responsibility, the focus and focus of the whole political system has been and is helping Binh Lieu ensure the roadmap to "reach the finish line" of NTM district in soonest.