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Binh Lieu: New atmosphere, new goals in 2023


In 2022, with the consensus and determination of the whole political system and all classes of people in the area, Binh Lieu district has completed the goal of achieving the new rural standard (NTM). This is a great encouragement for the locality to enter 2023 with a new spirit, striving to successfully complete the proposed socio-economic development tasks.

Determined from the first day, the first month

At the end of the Lunar New Year holiday, on January 27 (January 6), all agencies, departments, branches and units in Binh Lieu district immediately started working. From the office to the construction site of key projects, the staff quickly focused on working seriously and enthusiastically, emulating to complete the set schedule. The spirit of labor in the early spring has been showing the determination of all levels, branches, localities and people of all classes in the district, in order to realize the goal of building Binh Lieu increasingly rich, beautiful and civilized.


Officers of the Public Administration Center of Binh Lieu district guide citizens to handle administrative procedures.

In the joyful atmosphere of the beginning of the new spring, on February 2, Binh Lieu district held a conference to summarize the emulation and commendation work in 2022, launched a special emulation movement to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National Day. Quang Ninh province was established on October 30 (1963-2023).

At the conference, representatives of leaders of the District Party Committee, People's Committee and other departments, agencies, unions and units in the district agreed to sign an emulation contract with 8 key tasks of promoting emulation movements. realistic, effective, striving to successfully implement the goals and tasks set out in 2023; continue to promote the emulation movement in the field of building the Party, the political system, the state organizational apparatus, improving the capacity and combat strength of the Party's grassroots organizations, building a clean Party organization, strong; emulating the comprehensive development of cultural and social fields, constantly improving the material and spiritual life of the people; emulation movements require to be organized practically and effectively in the direction of focusing on the grassroots, sticking to key tasks, having specific criteria, not running after achievements and formalities.

At the same time, speeding up the implementation of Directive No. 27-CT/TU dated July 22, 2022 of the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee on the organization of practical activities, emulation and setting up excellent achievements to celebrate the 60th anniversary. date of establishment of the province; strive to complete and exceed the main targets according to Resolution 10-NQ/HU dated 12/12/2022 of the Executive Board of the District Party Committee on tasks and solutions in 2023. Along with that, important attention is paid focus on developing education, training, health care, creating jobs for laborers, ensuring social security in the district and enhancing information, propaganda, praising and replicating good examples. , good deeds, advanced examples in all fields to promote and spread the patriotic emulation movements into reality and effectiveness.