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Budget management: Publicity, transparency - Creating new momentum


In the first 6 months of 2022, the province's budget management encountered some difficulties because the Central Government issued policies on tax exemption and reduction and some production and business activities continued to be affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. 19. However, with the initiative, flexibility, openness and transparency, the province's budget tasks are implemented as planned, creating resources to promote economic growth of the province.

Along with the difficulties related to the tax exemption and reduction policies issued by the Central Government, the state budget collection of the province also encounters problems in hiring consultants to build land prices, conducting auctions and bidding at different locations. local; gasoline prices, construction materials increased, road border gates temporarily stopped customs clearance for a long time... In order to fulfill the task of collecting state budget, in the first 6 months of the year, the Provincial People's Committee has drastically directed the implementation. 6 Tax management plan in all areas to increase tax and fee collection, especially taxes and fees assigned to the district for collection. The Tax Department has actively propagated tax plans and policies to businesses and individuals; strictly control tax declaration and accounting; regularly check the business situation, tax declaration dossiers; to urge the collection of tax debts; promote the implementation of e-invoices.

In order to overcome the state of budget surplus as in 2021, the Provincial People's Committee has directed the advisory agencies to regularly review the progress of allocation and disbursement of estimates and resolutely reduce the funding of projects and tasks. expenditure has slow progress of disbursement and disbursement. From there, promptly transfer and supplement new and important projects and tasks with capital needs; submit to the Provincial People's Council for promulgation resolutions to adjust and allocate estimates, such as: Supplementing and adjusting local budget estimates, allocating provincial budget expenditure estimates in 2022; supplementing mechanisms and measures for local budget management, allocation and adjustment of provincial budget estimates in 2022; the plan to use the increase in revenue and balance of the provincial budget in 2021... Accordingly, the province has adjusted down the capital plan of projects with slow disbursement, running out of capital needs for new projects and projects with high demand. the amount of over 421 billion VND; adjusted down nearly 980 billion dong in recurrent expenditure of the provincial budget to supplement development investment capital; adjusted operating cost estimates of 177 commune health stations from the district budget to the provincial budget with an amount of nearly 200 billion VND…