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Building a civilized and modern Ha Long urban area


The province is focusing on reviewing and orienting the goal of building Ha Long City to become a civilized and friendly service and tourism urban center of international stature with a modern socio-economic infrastructure system and a modern and sustainable environment. The set of links between conservation and sustainable development of heritage - World natural wonder Ha Long Bay and Dong Son - Ky Thuong nature reserve.

 Ha Long city is built synchronously and modernly.

To ensure development goals, the province is currently developing and completing the Ha Long City Master Plan to 2040 towards sustainable development, in line with the requirements of green growth and climate change adaptation. taking Cua Luc Bay as the center connecting in a multi-polar direction, in harmony with the World Natural Heritage Ha Long Bay and the mountainous areas north of the city. In particular, the development direction of Ha Long City follows the model of 5 development zones (Ha Long Bay, the East region, the West region, the Northern region of Cua Luc Bay and the Northern mountainous area) and a corridor along Ha Bay. Long, taking Cua Luc Bay as the connection center.

Area I (Ha Long Bay) will be planned for conservation and development in accordance with the Law on Heritage Conservation, expanding the development space associated with Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Cat Ba Island into a heritage space. unique nature. Region II (Eastern region) is the administrative, political and cultural center of the province, the general center of Ha Long City; urban service, tourism. Region III (Western region) is the center of international services, tourism and entertainment, the city of supporting services, port services and high-tech industry; regional health and fitness centers. Region IV (Northern area of ​​Cua Luc Bay) is an urban area of ​​eco-tourism services, culture, entertainment area, reserve area for development of provincial-level public service centers such as healthcare, education, etc. , culture, physical training and sports; the province's administrative center after 2040. Region V (Northern hilly region) is an ecological conservation area, a hi-tech agricultural production zone; research and development of wind power and solar power; community eco-tourism area.

Development orientation of expanding urban space to the North, taking Cua Luc Bay as the city's focus, functional areas around Cua Luc Bay space such as Cao Xanh - Ha Khanh, Cai Lan - Day Wells - Viet Hung and Le Loi - Thong Nhat controlled development to create landscape space around the bay, establishing a system of iconic architectural works. The area along Cua Luc Bay gives priority to the development of public functions, services, squares, ecological parks, cultural works, and architectural highlights to create community outreach. In particular, will exploit and develop the hilly system which is a typical image in the city area; prioritize exploitation and development into urban forest parks, urban parks, theme parks, tourism services.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Chairman of Ha Long City People's Committee, said: In order to ensure the development goal of Ha Long City, the locality is currently implementing strict control of construction activities, especially in mountainous areas with construction sites. Small architectural works, low density, limited construction of large architecture affect the general landscape of Ha Long Bay and Cua Luc Bay urban areas. At the same time, protect and expand the mangrove forest area into flooded ecological parks, exploit the coal mining reverted areas to develop urban theme parks, golf courses and tourism services. .

Industrial production activities of Ha Long City will be adjusted in the direction of developing high-tech industries, supporting industries and logistics services. Accordingly, developing Viet Hung Industrial Park into a clean, high-tech industrial park with synchronous and modern technical and social infrastructure; gradually transform Cai Lan Industrial Park into a clean industry, which can be converted into a complex of urban services and port services in the long term. Ha Khanh Industrial Park, Hoanh Bo Industrial Park implemented the relocation route according to the province's policy to a new location located in the Southeast of Ha Long - Van Don highway.

With the orientation and strategic vision that has been created, Ha Long City will form a civilized and modern city, fully converging with effective utility services. and worth living for the people of the country and international tourists.