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Building a team of "both pink and professional" staff


"The cadre is the root of all work", "Every success or failure is due to good or bad cadres." That admonition of President Ho Chi Minh shows that cadres are the decisive factor, Being imbued with Uncle Ho's teachings, over the years, Quang Ninh province has always attached great importance to and paid special attention to the construction of cadres.

Students of the training course on security management and non-traditional security in 2022 receive graduation certificates.

Synchronizing planning, training and fostering

Each stage in cadre work has different important roles, in which the planning and training of cadres play a particularly important role. Deeply aware of the above problem and consider this as a fundamental solution to renew and improve the quality of cadres' work, contributing to building an increasingly strong political system, meeting the requirements of performing tasks in the country. Under the new situation, the province strictly and fully implements the process and quality of staff planning at all implementation steps, from the stage of reviewing, commenting, evaluating staff, developing functional standards the list of officials as a basis for planning. Along with that is to ensure the quantity, quality, female structure, ethnicity, 3 age structure, the motto "dynamic", "open", synchronous at all 3 levels (base, district, province), lower-level planning first, taking lower-level planning to develop superior planning; expand democracy in discovering and introducing sources into planning; 100% of staff are planned to meet the criteria and standards prescribed by the Central Government.

The province also expands democracy in discovering and introducing sources into the planning; Publicizing the planning is done in accordance with regulations so that cadres and party members in agencies and units can monitor and supervise the implementation of the planning and properly evaluate the cadres subject to the planning. Every year, the province reviews and removes from the planning those officials who do not meet the standards and conditions, add new factors, have development prospects...

Currently, 100% of public servants at the provincial and district levels meet the standard requirements as prescribed before appointing ranks, appointing leadership and management positions; 90% of public servants are updated with legal knowledge and trained in public service ethics; 85% are fostered, updated knowledge, skills and methods of performing official duties. For commune-level civil servants, 100% have intermediate or higher professional qualifications; 99% of commune-level civil servants have professional qualifications suitable to their positions.

As for public employees, up to now 70% have been trained according to professional title standards; 75% of public employees holding basic management positions are trained in management capacity and skills before being appointed; 78% received training in professional ethics, updated and improved specialized knowledge and skills.