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Cam Pha: Focusing resources on proactive natural disaster prevention - search and rescue


With its own characteristics of topography, rapid urbanization, and exciting mineral mining activities, Cam Pha often faces inundation, landslides, and floods. Faced with this situation, the city has actively implemented many solutions to minimize damage caused by natural disasters, especially during the rainy and stormy season.

Prioritize investment resources

Over the past time, Cam Pha City has spent a lot of resources to implement disaster prevention and control works to reduce risks and ensure stable life for people. In 2021, the city has spent 8 billion dong from the Anti-DRR Fund and the city budget to implement a series of projects such as renovating and adding embankments and drainage systems in group 2, zone 2b, Cam ward Middle (phase 2); dredging the drainage system in Km6 area (zone 1A, Quang Hanh ward); dredging stream Cau 3, Cam Son ward; renovating and repairing earth embankment in group 2, zone 4B; renovating the drainage ditch in zone 2, Cam Thinh ward.

In addition, with many resources, the city has renovated a number of ditches to ensure water drainage in Cong Hoa commune, Duong Huy commune, canals bordering Cam Binh and Cam Dong wards, group 9 ditches, zone 8, Mong wards. Positive...

The city also directs businesses to dredge ditches, streams, trenches and areas with high risk of landslides before the rainy season. The works have contributed to ensuring water drainage, minimizing flooding, stabilizing people's lives. Duong ward, Cam Pha city popularizes disaster prevention and control plans for residential areas.

Be proactive in every situation

Due to the impact of climate change, extreme weather occurs irregularly, irregularly, with increasing intensity, mainly storms, heavy rains, floods, landslides... To cope with with natural disasters, right from the beginning of the year, the Steering Committees for Disaster Prevention and Control of the cities, wards, communes, units, enterprises, zones and villages in the locality have been consolidated in a timely manner. The city also soon completed the construction of a disaster prevention and control plan in 2022 to ensure it is close to the reality of each locality and unit.