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Co To district analyzes and evaluates the Department and District Competitiveness Index (DDCI) in 2020


On the morning of August 6, Co To district held a conference on business promotion, analysis, assessment, implementation results of the Department and District Competitiveness Index (DDCI) 2020, discussing tasks and solutions in 2021. Attendees of the conference were representatives of leaders of the Provincial Investment Promotion and Support Board, representatives of enterprises, cooperatives and business households in the district. Mr. Le Hung Son - Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of the District People's Committee chaired the conference.

The working session

In 2020, Co To district ranked 2nd in the province's DDCI ranking with 71.17 points, up 4 places compared to 2019. Compared to the locality with the highest DDCI score in 2020, Co To's score is only 1 point lower.

To achieve that result, the district has seriously acknowledged and promptly overcome the limitations of 2019, issued many directive documents related to the work of improving the business investment environment, raising the index in 2020, actively removing difficulties and obstacles for businesses during the Covid-19 epidemic. At the same time, maintaining and effectively operating the Fanpage: "DDCI Co To" to receive information on the evaluation of social opinions through online databases in the area in order to strongly improve the business investment environment, accompany businesses, listen to and support the business community. Thereby, DDCI Co To continues to make breakthrough improvements to serve the local socio-economic development.

Business representatives speaking at the conference

At the conference, participants contributed ideas on issues related to land access of enterprises in the district; Transparency in accessing information, handling administrative procedures of the commune's one-stop unit; Support local business activities; There should be a mechanism to support bank interest rates for businesses in the district affected by the epidemic situation; Seafood processing households do not have production facilities that meet standards, creating favorable conditions for enterprises to develop in all aspects, further strengthening environmental sanitation... Accordingly, representatives of relevant departments and branches in turn answer the issues that are of interest to individuals and businesses...

Mr. Pham Ngoc Van - Head of Investment Support Department, Provincial Investment Promotion and Support Board spoke at the conference

At the conference, Mr. Pham Ngoc Van - Head of Investment Support Department, Provincial Investment Promotion Agency contributed many opinions on the overview of business investment environment, capacity competition at provincial, departmental, sectoral and local levels, and solutions to administer, recommend a number of key tasks to improve the business investment environment in 2021. He highly appreciated the DDCI ranking index of Co To district in 2020 and hopes that in 2021, the district will continue to promote the achieved results, improve the DDCI index. He emphasized specific tasks: Strengthening the coordination between Co To District People's Committee, Provincial Investment Promotion Agency, DDCI survey consulting agency; Actively promoting information dissemination on efforts to improve the DDCI Indicators; Accelerating reform and simplification of orders, procedures and records; Continuing to offer solutions to promote the dynamic, creative and effective spirit of the Co To district government apparatus, improve the role of the leader; Continuing to facilitate and support businesses;...

In conclusion of the conference, Mr. Le Hung Son - Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of the District People's Committee, acknowledged and highly appreciated the outstanding results of the DDCI Competitiveness Index of Co To district 2020. To achieve this goal, the entire political system, businesses, households and people have made efforts, including a breakthrough of businesses, a breakthrough in administrative reform, especially when the pandemic is complicated. He hoped that businesses, households and people of Co To district would continue to promote the achievement in order to maintain the DDCI competitiveness index. He emphasized a number of key tasks, Co To district will pay special attention to and innovate the way of organizing conferences to meet and contact businesses to solve and remove problems; Actively calling for investors, strengthening the quick settlement of administrative procedures for people; Improve the operational efficiency of the District Public Administration Service Center... to improve the scores for the component indexes in the DDCI Index in 2021 and the following years./.

Thu Cuc (Center of Culture)