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 Department of Science and Technology organized the program "Technology coffee", accompanying businesses to promote the application of science and technology in processing and preserving agricultural products, October 2021.

The Department of Science and Technology maintains and organizes "Technology Coffee" programs, seminars and forums to propagate and disseminate provincial mechanisms and policies related to the field of science and technology; listen, exchange and remove difficulties for businesses; accompanying enterprises in application and transfer of new technologies into product development, improving production and business efficiency. In particular, priority is given to the introduction of advanced technologies, good practice models on resource efficiency and cleaner production in various fields, models of sustainable product supply chains, integrated supply chains, etc. with product traceability; organic farming models, sustainable farming; reduce, recover, collect, reuse and recycle waste.

At the same time, continue to encourage, support and advise on procedures for enterprises when establishing S&T enterprises; promoting communication activities about S&T products and S&T enterprises to enhance brand value and create prestige among consumers. Karma…

 Quang Ninh Seafood Trading and Production Co., Ltd applies science and technology to process oyster products, clams...

Leaders of the Department of Science and Technology affirmed: In the coming time, the Department will continue to do a good job of accompanying businesses in the field of science and technology, bringing the province's S&T mechanisms and policies closer to businesses, listening to the wishes of the enterprises. enterprises to make appropriate adjustments, determined to successfully implement the resolutions of the Party congresses at all levels and promote the province's socio-economic development sustainably. At the same time, enhance digital transformation for businesses, considering this an important solution for businesses to adapt and overcome difficulties during the pandemic to rise up, grow strongly, and affirm their brands.

Source: Collector