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Complete industrial park infrastructure to attract investment




With outstanding achievements of 6 consecutive years leading the PCI index, Quang Ninh is considered by the international investment market to be an attractive and stable destination with a favorable, open and safe investment environment. Seizing new development opportunities, the province is promoting synchronous completion of industrial parks, "building nests to welcome eagles".

 Hai Yen Industrial Park, Mong Cai City.

Quang Ninh sets a goal that by 2025, the proportion of industry - construction accounts for 49-50% of the economic structure, developing industry in the direction of green, clean, high technology, smart technology, and eco-friendly. environment. To realize this important goal, the province has been promoting economic restructuring, gradually reducing dependence on mineral resources, and devoting resources to prioritize development and improvement of infrastructure, especially is the connecting traffic and infrastructure of industrial parks to create the most favorable conditions to welcome strategic investors.

According to the Industrial Park Development Plan approved by the Prime Minister, Quang Ninh will have a total of 16 industrial parks planned and distributed in 10/13 localities with a total area of more than 17,000 hectares. To date, there have been 6 industrial parks with secondary projects in stable production and business operations, including: Cai Lan, Viet Hung, Dong Mai, Hai Yen, Texhong Hai Ha, Song Khoai Industrial Park; 3 industrial parks including Nam Tien Phong, Bac Tien Phong, Bach Dang are in the process of investing and completing construction, the remaining are implementing the preparation and completion of planning and investor selection.

Identifying industry as a key economic sector, in which the processing and manufacturing industry is an important driving force of the economy, right from the beginning of the 2020-2025 term, Quang Ninh issued the first resolution ( Resolution 01-NQ/TU dated November 16, 2020) on rapid and sustainable development of the processing and manufacturing industry in the period 2020-2025; Focus on selectively attracting high-tech, smart industry, environmentally friendly projects with great added value, economical and effective use of land and resources, making a major contribution to growth GRDP and budget revenue.

Along with that, promote the development of sustainable industrial parks according to the "3 in 1" model (industrial park - urban area - service area) with synchronous technical and social infrastructure systems, modern; Strengthen the implementation of administrative reform solutions, with a focus on continuing to review, amend, supplement and simplify administrative procedures. In particular, promote propaganda, training, meetings to resolve difficulties and strengthen strategies to attract large businesses to the province in a long-term, sustainable direction.

Song Khoai Industrial Park, Quang Yen Town.

Currently, industrial parks such as Cai Lan, Hai Yen, Dong Mai, Viet Hung, Texhong Hai Ha... have basically invested in synchronous infrastructure and are meeting the requirements for secondary investors to operate. become production, processing and manufacturing centers of the province. Industrial parks such as Song Khoai, Nam Tien Phong, and Bac Tien Phong are continuing to be in the stage of completion while attracting secondary investors and increasing occupancy rates. The important highlight is that the social housing element has been paid attention and implemented in connection with specific activities in each industrial park, this creates favorable conditions for investors to feel secure, stick with, and develop. expansion. To support and accompany investors in implementing industrial parks, Quang Ninh has many parallel policies, from focusing on removing difficulties in planning, expanding development to site clearance and resource allocation. leveling materials, completing electricity and water supply systems to serve the exploitation and development of industrial parks.

Thanks to proactive, effective and proactive solutions and the rapid formation of industrial parks, in recent years Quang Ninh has received great attention from international investors, reputable brands, and brands. class in the market has come to the province to build factories and production facilities with an increasingly expanding scale. As of June 2023, economic zones and industrial parks in the province have had nearly 300 registered and deployed investment projects, including nearly 100 FDI projects with a total investment capital of nearly 5 billion USD. In the first 6 months of 2023 alone, FDI attraction reached more than 830 million USD, reaching 83% of the Provincial Party Committee's Resolution target (at least 1.0 billion USD). In particular, the spatial distribution, planning of industrial parks, and orientation to attract investment to develop processing and manufacturing industries have been clearly shown, initially forming a high-tech textile industry chain ( Texhong - Hai Ha Industrial Park), automobile manufacturing industrial chain (Viet Hung Industrial Park, Song Khoai, Dong Mai, Bac Tien Phong), mechanical manufacturing, assembly of electrical and electronic equipment (Dong Mai Industrial Park, Song Industrial Park Potatoes).

Enterprises in the Industrial Park initially made positive contributions to the state budget, creating jobs for nearly 40,000 workers inside and outside the province. The industrial park infrastructure is invested and built synchronously to prepare the conditions for development, the focus is on synchronous traffic connection with the economic, tourist and border gates of the province, which is an important foundation. for Quang Ninh to realize its development goals in each specific period, becoming a modern service and industrial province, a large urban area of regional and international stature, and one of the driving forces in promoting development. National economy.

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