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Completing synchronously the plannings in Van Don EZ


Van Don is identified as one of the two breakthroughs in the development of the province, so many plans have been formulated, appraised and approved synchronously and closely associated with the development orientation of Van Don EZ until 2040. vision to 2050 has been approved by the Prime Minister. Currently, there are many completed master plans approved by competent authorities, serving as a basis for attracting and selecting investors in the area.


Technical infrastructure of Phuong Dong urban area (Van Don district) is invested synchronously, timely responding to the development of Van Don economic zone.

As soon as the Prime Minister approved the adjustment of the general construction planning of Van Don economic zone to 2040, with a vision to 2050 (Decision 266/QD-TTg dated February 17, 2020), the People's Committee of Quang Ninh province directed Relevant departments, branches and localities shall prepare subdivision planning projects (QHPK), detailed planning of projects in the area of ​​Van Don EZ. In particular, directly assign the Management Board of Van Don EZ to assume the prime responsibility for coordinating with relevant agencies and units to quickly prepare and adjust EPZ projects based on the previous plannings already approved by competent authorities. approval authority.

With the characteristics of an island district, with many potentials and advantages for developing high-quality resort tourism, international trade and logistics services, Van Don EZ has been able to research and set up 12 planning projects. main functions associated with the specificity of each location and location of planning implementation. The functions of these PDPs do not overlap, conflict, or encroach on each other, but mutually sustainably develop in a space linked by modern and synchronously invested technical infrastructure and services.

After a period of research and development, up to now, 9/12 PDP projects have been approved by competent authorities, serving as an important basis for implementing detailed plans and calling for investment projects. Specifically: Adjusting the Cai Rong Regional Plan in Decision No. 3693/QD-UBND (September 24, 2020); Airport Area Plan at Decision No. 3897/QD-UBND (October 9, 2020); Planning scale 1/2000 North Cai Bau area in Decision No. 3900/QD-UBND (October 9, 2020); Planning for Northeast Cai Bau Area in Decision No. 1698/QD-UBND (May 31, 2021); Planning for Dong Chen island area in Decision No. 2254/QD-UBND (July 12, 2021); QHPK Airport support service area in Decision No. 3832/QD-UBND (November 2, 2021); Adjustment of the planning for the area of ​​Minh Chau - Quan Lan island in Decision No. 339/QD-UBND (dated 8/2/2022); adjusting the PDP at the rate of 1/2000 Ngoc Vung island area in Decision No. 405/QD-UBND (dated February 16, 2022); Planning for Van Canh Island area in Decision No. 1341/QD-UBND (May 20, 2022).

Currently, the remaining 3 zoning plans have been approved by the provincial People's Committee and are in the process of making subdivision planning projects, including: zoning planning for the island and hilly area of ​​Cai Bau Island; Golden Card Island Plan; Tra Ban Island Planning and Development. It is expected that 3 PDP projects will be completed in 2022.