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The difference is that at this conference, the Prime Minister does not accept those who are assigned the responsibility of representing state equity in enterprises or industry commanders who stand up to read prepared speeches. with the main content being an achievement report or a speech. Instead, the Prime Minister asked each opinion to emerge from anxiety and pain to loss of appetite and sleeplessness, showing responsibility for the work of the leaders. In that spirit, a series of questions were asked by the Prime Minister about the hot issues facing the state-owned enterprise sector as well as the individual difficulties of each group and corporation.

From there, it requires the head of the unit to find a solution, not to let the business fall into a passive situation, leading to the passivity of the whole economy.

The problems raised by the Prime Minister are why it is not possible to balance the supply and demand of petroleum, while the oil reserves in the country are very large, the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group calculates and proposes to build an additional factory. refine oil to ensure energy security or not. Whether the recovering economy leads to the risk of power shortage in the summer, what solutions does the Electricity of Vietnam propose to prevent that situation from happening? With heavy industry, the Prime Minister questioned why Vietnam has not had a steel factory but only produces ingots, leading machine-building enterprises like Lilama after equitization have gradually become smaller in size. tissue, loss of position, brand...

On the part of those who are assigned the responsibility of representing state capital in enterprises, it is not without concerns and thoughts. The inadequacy in the mechanisms and policies on the operation of state-owned enterprises as well as the deep intervention of the management agencies in the activities of enterprises have made them not have real power in investment management activities. , production, business, doing anything must ask, must consult the management agency. The nature of investment and business is risky, must accept losses and profits, but the criteria for evaluating the performance and investment of state-owned enterprises is to "win hundreds of battles", not accept receive a loss project/activity. This fact gives rise to a mentality of not wanting or daring to do, causing a part of the country's multi-million-dollar fortune to freeze, unable to flow strongly into the economy to create much material wealth. , contribute more to growth.

These difficulties and obstacles have been identified and solutions are given in the project of restructuring state-owned enterprises, focusing on economic groups and state-owned corporations in the 2021-2025 period. The drastic and responsible implementation of the project is expected to create new vitality for the activities of the state-owned enterprise sector.