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Conference of PAR-Index, SIPAS, DGI, DDCI AND ICT-Index analysis and evaluation in Dong Trieu town in 2020


On the morning of August 31, at the Convention Center of Dong Trieu town, a conference to analyze and evaluate PAR-Index, SIPAS, DGI, DDCI AND ICT-Index of Dong Trieu town in 2020 took place. Attendees of the conference were Comrade Vu Thi Kim Chi – Standing Deputy Head of Quang Ninh Investment Promotion Agency, representative of Department of Home Affairs; Mr. Nguyen Van Cong - Secretary of Dong Trieu Town Party Committee and leaders of the People's Committee, People's Committee of the town and representatives of departments, local areas, businesses of Dong Trieu town

The conference’s view

The conference was held to objectively evaluate the results of administrative reform in 2020, and to recognize and consider the criteria that have not been achieved in the past time of each agency and unit, from which to set out goals, targets, solutions to overcome shortcomings, limitations and obstacles in 2021 and the following years in order to drastically improve the business investment environment, improve the competitiveness, quality of law enforcement, build the administrative system of Dong Trieu town. The conference took place with the participation of discussions, speeches and comments of leaders, representatives of departments and branches of the province and Dong Trieu town, affirming the interest and active coordination of the agencies of Quang Ninh province and Dong Trieu town in the administrative reform work, improving business investment environment throughout the province and for Dong Trieu town in particular over the past time.

Ms. Vu Thi Kim Chi spoke at the Conference

At the Conference, Comrade Vu Thi Kim Chi - Standing Deputy Head of the Investment Promotion Agency analyzed and evaluated the outstanding results of Dong Trieu town in terms of administrative reform and PAR-Index, SIPAS, DGI, DDCI and ICT-Index of the town in recent years; at the same time, analyzed the unsatisfactory indicators and criteria, specified the causes and provided specific solutions for each component index of DDCI to improve and enhance these indicators of Dong Trieu town; aiminig to continue to create a favorable business investment environment, to best support enterprises to overcome common difficulties caused by the epidemic situation, to stabilize production, business activities and invest effectively, continue to make positive contributions to the development of Dong Trieu town and Quang Ninh province in the coming development period.

Comrade Nguyen Van Cong, Secretary of the Dong Trieu Town Party Committee affirmed that administrative reform is a central, regular and continuous task, main responsibilities of heads of agencies and units in the town

At the Conference, the Secretary, Chairman of the People's Committee of Dong Trieu town acknowledged the positive aspects and the criterias that need to be improved on the basis of the collecting results and discussion and sharing from the leaders, representatives of departments. The town leaders all emphasized that administrative reform and improvement of the business investment environment are regular, continuous and long-term tasks that need to be implemented synchronously and drastically; at the same time requesting the departments, divisions, agencies, units, and grassroots areas of Dong Trieu town to receive consultation opinions at the Conference; make efforts to promote the achieved results, improve the spirit of service attitude; effectively accompany and support people and businesses; at the same time identify the shortcomings, limitations to promptly overcome in the spirit of the highest determination; successfully implementing the content of the Resolution of the Party Congress of Dong Trieu town, ensuring publicity, transparency and efficiency associated with the responsibility of the leader in implementation.

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