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Create a favorable and open legal corridor for collective economic development


Speaking in the group discussion session on the afternoon of November 1, the National Assembly deputies strongly agreed with the need to promulgate the Law on Cooperatives (amended) to create a favorable and open legal corridor for the development of the country. Group economy; at the same time, approved the plan to keep the name as the current law at the proposal of the Economic Committee.

According to delegates, the concept of cooperative is used frequently in communication and propaganda work, including referenced legislation, which is convenient and close to the people. Keeping the name of the Law, which is the Law on Cooperatives, on the one hand, still ensures to widen the scope of regulation and apply to all types of cooperatives, on the other hand, avoids changing the name leading to costs. Social impact and related consequences have not been fully assessed.

Designing supportive policies should ensure a fair and healthy business environment

Regarding some specific contents, Article 19 of the draft Law stipulates the State's policies on the development of cooperative economic organizations, with a series of supporting policies on human resource development, information and consultancy. ; access to production and business premises; taxes, charges and fees; credit, insurance; application of science and technology, innovation and digital transformation; branding, trade and investment promotion; construction of infrastructure, equipment...

Basically agree on the need for policies to support the development of cooperative economic organizations, but delegate Lai The Nguyen (Doan Thanh Hoa) thinks that the content of these policies should be considered. in accordance with the support policies for small and medium-sized enterprises to create a fair and healthy business environment, and also in accordance with the provisions of Clause 5, Article 16 of this bill are the policies to support The State's support for cooperative economic organizations is not lower than the support policy for small and medium enterprises.

Regarding this issue, delegate Au Thi Mai (Doan Tuyen Quang) suggested that there should be specific regulations on the criteria for selecting subjects to be supported by the mobile State, to avoid spreading and ineffective support. As a result, even in the process of implementation, there will be a situation where cooperatives are established in disguise to take advantage of policies.