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Create a favorable environment for import and export activities



In order to introduce a centralized, modern management model, meeting the modernization requirements of the customs industry, creating favorable conditions for import-export businesses, April 2018, the Customs Department Provincial authorities have organized the implementation of the Project "model for implementing centralized customs procedures and management at Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch". After 5 years of implementation, the model has increased transparency in customs procedures, promoting import and export activities in Mong Cai city.

 Customs clearance activities through Bac Luan II Border Gate (Mong Cai City).

Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch manages state customs in Mong Cai City. This is a large area in the Mong Cai Border Gate Economic Zone, with a land border stretching over 72km, adjacent to China, including: 1 international border gate; 1 inland port (ICD); many locations for gathering and inspecting import and export goods; concentration, shipping point, goods inspection location; 22 bonded warehouses, 4 duty-free shops...

Before implementing the Project "Model for implementing centralized customs procedures and management at Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch" (referred to as the centralized customs management model), the declaration of procedures Customs and physical inspection of goods are carried out directly at the lines of the import and export goods procedure teams; Customs supervision activities are carried out at border gates, openings, export points, gathering places, and goods inspection...

With the determination to create a favorable environment for import-export activities of businesses, the Provincial Customs Department proactively proposed and received approval from the Provincial People's Committee and the General Department of Customs to research, build and deploy a customs management model. concentrated in Mong Cai city.

Accordingly, the model is deployed in 2 phases: Phase 1 (from 2018-2020), implementing centralized customs procedures (receiving customs documents, centralized customs clearance of goods) at headquarters of Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch. Physical inspection of goods and customs management of import and export goods at centralized import and export goods inspection locations and export goods inspection locations. Phase 2 (from 2020), continues to implement customs procedures and centralized customs management. In addition to border gate areas and openings, physical inspection of goods and customs management of exported and imported goods are carried out at a centralized location.

At the same time, to streamline the organizational structure and ensure the structure follows the industry's general management model, the Import-Export Goods Procedures Team was established and consolidated the tasks of receiving, registering declarations, and checking documents. , customs clearance of goods by Import-Export Goods Procedures Team I, Import-Export Goods Procedures Team II and Thanh Dat ICD Professional Team.

Mr. Luu Van Do, Director of Do Van Tourism - Service - Trading Company Limited (Mong Cai City), said: The reception and detailed inspection of documents is carried out at one location, the Procedures Team. import and export goods instead of 3 Procedure Teams as before, ensuring uniformity in the implementation of legal regulations, thereby reducing customs clearance time for goods, reducing contact between businesses and customs officials, businesses. easy and convenient access to information, legal documents and guidance and support (remote support, on-site support) from customs authorities during the process of carrying out procedures.

The implementation of customs procedures and management of data and statistics is also carried out centrally and uniformly to ensure synthesis, reporting, statistics and evaluation to serve management and executive direction requirements. of department leaders and implementing instructions from superiors quickly and accurately. The work of inspection and supervision of goods is specialized in two customs inspection and supervision teams with the support of information technology systems and inspection and supervision equipment, helping to increase customs clearance time. shorten. Especially for green channel declarations, businesses only have to present goods at border gates, openings, and export points for officials and civil servants to perform inspection and supervision...