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Not to interrupt reform

Every day that is delayed is every day businesses wait, the chances of economic recovery decrease. When resources for economic recovery are limited, a more favorable business environment with fewer barriers is an important resource for development. Reforms cannot be interrupted or reversed, but must always be directed to a business environment with less barriers and more market-oriented.

Increasing both value and output, Vietnam has become the world's leading rice exporter for many years. This achievement is due to the fact that Decree 107 has removed a series of barriers in this area. However, the draft amendments to this Decree are causing confusion for businesses when stating the condition that the area of ​​the rice warehouse, the capacity of the rice mill, milling and processing facility is at least 5,000 tons of paddy. minimum capacity is 10 tons of paddy/hour - which are conditions that Decree 107 has abolished.

"There are many decrees that have proven to be very successful, well received by businesses and create an important impetus for economic development and business activities, but now they are being proposed in a strict direction. It's more difficult for businesses, so we are very concerned and hope this is just a minority," said Mr. Dau Anh Tuan, Head of the Legal Department, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Removing business barriers is not easy if only seeing business conditions as a tool for management, but not seeing it as a development opportunity, especially in the context that the business community has been eroded. strength due to the recent pandemic.


"Let it happen at barriers, you set up a barrier so that if you want to step through, you must have a certificate, papers from the issuing agency, then we have to remove the barrier, lower the barrier. Institutions are the driving force to promote the mobilization of all resources. Resources here are not only money, but energy, initiatives, science and technology to promote development", said Mr. Nguyen Dinh Cung. , Former Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management and Research, emphasized.

For stronger and more sustainable reform, the supervision and companionship of the whole society is required. To do so, it is necessary to promote the cooperation mechanism between the parties to limit the interruption in reform.

"Now managers must know what businesses are in need and are lacking. For some ministries and sectors, we have made proposals but received very few replies," said Chairman of the Business Association. small and medium-sized Vietnamese Nguyen Van Than said.


The achievements of reform efforts over the past time are remarkable, and the reform spirit has also been strongly affirmed by the Government. Spreading this spirit to all levels of sectors and localities is necessary so that there are no and no interruptions in reform.

Reform is never easy, not only towards improving every day compared to yourself, but also to grasp new development trends, keep up and aim to lead the trends if you don't want to fall behind. again.

Vietnam has certain strengths in innovation development, but from potential to reality, it is necessary to be able to institutionalize ahead, predict trends and quickly fill legal gaps.

Reforms keep pace with development trends

As one of the few startups valued at billions of dollars, Sky Mavis - Vietnam's newest tech unicorn, is actually a registered business and is headquartered in Singapore. Such cases are many.

"Innovation institutions, to attract creative ideas from Vietnam, are not attractive enough for businesses, because in such a context, when businesses implement new business ideas, they encounter many new industries. barriers", Dr. Nguyen Minh Thao, Head of Business Environment and Competitiveness Department, CIEM, commented.

 Improving the business environment, enhancing national competitiveness has always been concerned and promoted by the Government and the Prime Minister. (Illustrated photo - Photo: VNA)

The goal of improving Vietnam's business environment into the top group in the region has been set. However, when we reform, other countries are also constantly reforming, so not only must we be better with ourselves, we need to have reforms to keep up with development, especially new development trends.

"Vietnam's opportunity lies in promoting and facilitating innovation, so institutional reform and creating conditions for new industries and business models are necessary for Vietnam to grasp. get these opportunities," said Ms. Virnia Foote, Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

Last year, start-up investment in Vietnam had a record growth of more than 1.3 billion USD. This shows that we have the capacity and opportunity to develop innovation, but in order to seize that opportunity, we must build an institution to encourage innovation to develop even more strongly.

Improving the business environment and enhancing national competitiveness have always been concerned by the Government and the Prime Minister.

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