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Quang Ninh Province carries out the task of socio-economic development in 2023 in the context of the world situation continuing to change rapidly, complexly, and unpredictablely, especially the consequences of the prolonged Covid-19 epidemic; High inflation, increased risks in the financial and currency markets lead to a decline in growth, a decline in consumer demand... Following closely the direction of the Central Government, the province has many solutions, including paying attention to create an open and favorable business environment, creating momentum for the province's economic growth.

 Officials of the Provincial Public Administrative Service Center handle administrative procedures for businesses on the province's electronic one-stop system. Photo: Minh Ha

Since the end of 2022, the province has issued many documents to direct and administer socio-economic development, with priority given to implementing tasks of improving the quality of administrative reform, improving the business investment environment, develop businesses and strongly develop the private economic sector. In particular, the province directed to continue improving the business registration process and encourage businesses to register their business online; Issue automatic codes, labor registration, social insurance, and bank accounts for newly registered businesses. Thereby, the resolution time for 52 administrative procedures has been shortened by 50%.

Along with that, the province directed to regularly review, reduce and simplify administrative procedures for construction licensing and related procedures, especially promoting online public services, shortening time at each step. . In particular, the appraisal of the construction investment feasibility study report/adjustment of the construction investment feasibility study report shall not exceed 12 days; issue construction permit within 7 days; Check the acceptance and put the project into use within no more than 7 days.

The province also directed to strengthen the review, simplification, and reduction of document components that can be accessed interoperably on e-government software in resolving administrative procedures on granting land use rights certificates, land allocation, land lease and land registration... Thereby , the time to carry out procedures for registering additional assets attached to land to the issued certificate has been shortened to no more than 14 days (the prescribed time is no more than 30 days); The time to carry out the procedure for registration and issuance of a certificate of land use rights for the first time is no more than 7 days. The time to carry out the procedure for registration and issuance of a certificate of land use rights, ownership of housing and property attached to land for the first time for no more than 15 days.

Along with that, the construction and development of e-government and digital government are drastically directed by the province. In the first 6 months of 2023, the province has provided 1,462 online public services on the province's public service portal; Providing 1,231 online public services of departments, agencies and branches on the National Public Service Portal. The Provincial Public Administration Service Center has digitized 10,234 (reaching 77.7%); The District Public Administration Center received and digitized 13,421 records (96.7%)

In particular, in cross-border trade transactions, the province implements a plan to reform administration, develop and modernize the Customs Department of Quang Ninh province until 2025. The goal is to reduce clearance time by 10%. Customs and release of goods; 20% reduction in the number of shipments that must be sampled for analysis and classification; 100% of documents certifying the origin of goods submitted electronically; Reduce by 25% the number of post-customs clearance inspections according to the customs declarant's legal compliance plan; 10% increase in the number of declarations cleared through customs agents...

 Processing oyster products at Quang Ninh Seafood Production and Trading Company Limited. Photo: Manh Truong

Currently, credit institutions in the area are constantly innovating and modernizing the process of providing products and services in the direction of cutting down, simplifying procedures, shortening time, and reducing access costs. credit, creating convenience for customers in transactions. Especially simplifying lending procedures as well as lending based on feasible plans and ability to repay debt, not necessarily requiring collateral... This is a practical solution to help increase Increase the ability of people and businesses to access capital, thereby creating conditions to further promote production, business and enterprise development activities in the area.

Along with that, the province has set a goal that, from 2023 onwards, each agency and locality will organize at least 4 business meetings/year according to topics under functions, tasks and authority to Propagate and guide new policies, remove difficulties and obstacles for businesses and cooperatives. In the first 6 months of this year, the province successfully organized the first business meeting conference in 2023 with over 800 cooperative enterprises and business households participating. At the same time, organize a Business Coffee Conference with the theme "Meet, exchange new content and remove difficulties for businesses in investment activities". In June 2023, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Council organized a thematic voter contact conference with businesses, cooperatives, households, and individuals in production and business activities... This is a voter contact conference. The first thematic conference with representatives of businesses, cooperatives, and business households in the province, demonstrating innovation in the activities of the Provincial People's Council, towards the highest goal of building a government with integrity, service, create development. Through the conference, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Council has the opportunity to directly listen to the opinions, recommendations, thoughts and aspirations of voters who are representatives of businesses, cooperatives and business households. These are important practical data for the Provincial People's Council to develop and issue resolutions on a number of solutions to support businesses, cooperatives, and business households in the area; contributing to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of implementing legal policies and risk management in the context of new challenges posed by the world and domestic situation.

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