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 Farmers in Viet Dan Commune, Dong Trieu Town use smartphones to control the irrigation system for crops. Photo: Nguyen Ngoc

It is known that the channel "Interesting in farming" managed by the Quang Ninh Agricultural Extension Center has granted accounts to participate in the management of 142 enterprises, cooperatives, production, processing, preliminary processing, agricultural packing facilities, etc. forestry and fishery products, with 300 products with traceability codes, products that meet all criteria on food safety. Simultaneously, 265,000 access stamps and anti-counterfeiting authentication stamps were distributed. The system is being expanded to chain stores of agricultural products and foodstuffs, key crop areas of the province and localities linking safe consumption and production with Quang Ninh. Currently, Quang Ninh's products have been connected to "Hanoi City's traceability system for agricultural, forestry and food products", synchronized with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

In addition, Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation, Quang Ninh branch, provincial Post Office has also supported agricultural production units to open booths and give information to 418 businesses, cooperatives and business households with 425 products. OCOP products, agricultural products and aquatic products in the province are listed and traded online on e-commerce platforms.

In the coming time, the Agriculture sector will promote the formation of an agricultural digital data platform to serve the management, direction and administration of the locality, e-commerce development, digital agricultural services, etc. In the immediate future, priority should be given to building a data system in service of granting and managing planting area codes; connect smart agriculture with regional scale, specialized farming, industrial-scale production. In addition, facilitating and promoting organizations, businesses and individuals to invest, sponsor, strengthen research into digital technologies, develop digital platforms, operate digital data, create digital digital content services on agriculture and rural development; promoting activities connecting production with consumption of agricultural products, developing agricultural and rural tourism industries and services.