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Dai Duc develops tourism


As a highland commune of Tien Yen district, Dai Duc commune has many advantages in tourism development, becoming an attractive destination, attracting tourists.

Located more than 10km from the center of Tien Yen district, Dai Duc owns fresh, airy and cool air. The road from the district to the commune surrounds the mountains covered with a green color of lush forests. On summer days to Dai Duc, visitors can both visit and admire the magical beauty that nature bestows, while enjoying swimming in the cool water of the waterfall. Love Hill is a place that attracts tourists because of its fresh climate and purple myrtle trees. For the San Chi people who are old in the commune, Love Hill is a place to stick around during their youth, a place everyone wants to go to when they are dating. As for young people, this is an ideal place for photography, camping…

Dai Duc is more beautiful, interesting and attractive when the weather gradually turns to autumn. Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year, the most suitable time to explore the Northeast region of the country. Visitors are immersed in the peaceful, clear and gentle space of the highland autumn, walking on the fragrant rice-scented streets of golden terraced fields stretching along the hillside around the commune.

From the center of the commune, along the winding roads, visitors admire and record beautiful images of the villages around the immense rice fields. Especially, you can experience the San Chi Ethnic Culture and Sports Festival - Golden Palm Song Festival, participate in folk games such as football, spinning, singing exchange, walking on stilts...; Enjoy traditional dishes. This is a unique community activity, not only honoring traditional cultural values, but also a place to meet, exchange, preserve and promote traditional cultural values ​​of the San Chi ethnic people in the district. Tien Yen. Many new projects were inaugurated: Dai Duc Commune Cultural House associated with San Chi Ethnic Cultural Center...

 Love Hill stretches between Dai Duc commune (Tien Yen district) and Huc Dong commune (Binh Lieu district).

In order to promote its advantages, the commune has a resolution on preserving and promoting the value of national cultural heritages in the 2021-2025 period. Dai Duc strives to complete and put into use the San Chi Cultural Center in Dai Duc Commune by 2023, harden the roads to prominent attractions, meet advanced NTM standards, and earn an average income of 55 million VND / year. People; By 2025, trade, services and tourism will account for 30% or more of the commune's economic structure.

Mr. Nguyen The Anh, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Commune People's Committee, said: Dai Duc possesses the potential to form a 4-season tourism product in a year. However, the commune currently has many obstacles to exploit this advantage. It is the road to some tourist attractions still difficult; human resources for tourism are lacking; limited service facilities... In the coming time, the commune will try to attract resources to invest in tourism development, contributing to improving people's living standards, building new homes, and promoting socio-economic development.