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Dam Ha: Party development in non-state enterprises


The Party Committee of Dam Ha district has been taking many solutions to develop party organizations and party members in non-state enterprises (SOEs). Thereby, contributing to raising awareness and abiding consciousness of employees and business owners about the Party's guidelines and guidelines in economic development, the role of the Party organization in the development of the economy. of business...

Currently, in Dam Ha district, there are 69 enterprises and 50 cooperatives, mainly operating in the fields of commerce, services, construction, and aquaculture. Activities of businesses and entrepreneurs in Dam Ha district have made many important contributions to the socio-economic development, creating budget revenue, creating jobs for employees and implementing social security policies. local association.

Therefore, developing the Party in enterprises, especially in the SOE sector, is identified by the district Party Committee as an important task, in order to gradually promote the role of political nucleus, leader of party members, organizations and unions. propagandize to business owners and employees to well observe the guidelines and lines of the Party, policies and laws of the State, to perform well the tasks of production, business and enterprise development...

Recognizing the important role of businesses in socio-economic development, in recent years, implementing the policy of piloting the admission of qualified private business owners to the Party according to Guideline No. 17-HD/BTCTW dated January 30, 2013 of the Central Organization Committee, the Standing Board of the Dam Ha District Party Committee directed the grassroots party committees to develop plans and organize the mastery and implementation. The grassroots party committees have paid attention to thoroughly grasp and direct the implementation of this policy to each party member.

Party Secretary, Director of Bao Linh Construction and Services Co., Ltd. Nguyen Van Xuan said: With the close attention and companion of the Party Committee of Dam Ha district, as well as of the Party Committee of Duc Yen commune where the business is located. stood still, in 2019 I was admitted to the Party. Last August, 2022, Bao Linh Construction and Service Company Limited was established. The establishment of a party organization has made the company more convenient in directing, managing and fulfilling its production and business tasks. Although the number of party members at the enterprise is not many (7 party members), the role of the exemplary leader of the party members is always shown very clearly.

Dong Bac Forest Products Processing Joint Stock Company is one of two private enterprises in Dam Ha district that has just established a party organization. The company branch was established in August 2022 with 6 party members (4 party members working at the company, 2 party members in Tan Binh commune living with). Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Company Le Thanh Tung said: The establishment of the branch contributes to the propaganda of the Party's guidelines and directions, the State's policies and laws on economic development. in business is more favorable. Although newly established, the company pays great attention to the development of party members. Currently, the company's Party cell has reviewed the source and made a list of 3 subjects who proposed to take classes in sympathy with the Party.

Mr. Bui Van Hai, an elite group of people who were admitted to the Party of Dong Bac Forest Products Processing Joint Stock Company, shared: The Party Committee and Board of Directors of the company have created all the most favorable conditions for employees to be trained. , mature, have the opportunity to stand in the ranks of the Party. I always have a sense of cultivation, training, striving to become a party member, actively contributing to the development of the company.