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Dam Ha promotes digital transformation in rural areas


Dam Ha is one of the localities recognized to promote digital transformation in agricultural and rural areas. Digital transformation is an opportunity for Dam Ha towards modern, sustainable, high-value and high-income agriculture and rural areas.

18 security camera eyes are installed by Dam Ha commune at traffic intersections, cultural houses located in the infrastructure of digital transformation of agricultural and rural areas in 2022 of Dam Ha district. The function of this system is to record images at camera locations, to serve the management and handling of violations, if any. The permanent focal point to monitor this camera system was assigned to the commune police comrades. Commune and village leaders who are members of a common zalo group have access to capture, exploit, and manage images from the camera, and make decisions on handling if the captured images show violations. .

 The security camera system installed in Dam Ha commune, Dam Ha district is promoting its effectiveness.

On the morning of October 22, on the screen of the security camera system showing the first position of the road in Xom Giua village, there was an image of a large horizontal panel on the sidewalk, causing traffic safety and urban beauty. This information was exchanged by the commune police with commune officials, announced on the camera management group zalo, and connected by phone to the village head Xom Giua. Soon after, the village head Xom Giua and the person with the poster checked the scene and handled the incident. Large-sized panels are moved to a suitable place, returned to open sidewalks, ensuring traffic safety and urban beauty.

The security camera system installed in Dam Ha commune has been effective, creating favorable conditions for management, as well as being supported by the people. People at the installation points of cameras volunteered to take care of and protect, thanks to the appropriate location, to use the family's power source to operate, to coordinate with functional forces to handle the incident from the source of the image recorded by the camera. It can be said that people are very aware of the effects of security cameras.

Currently, Dam Ha commune is also focusing on completing the criteria and criteria for advanced rural villages according to the set of criteria for the period 2021-2025, including pilot content to build smart villages. Dam Buon village is piloting the first smart village of Dam Ha commune.

Dam Buon smart village model with many digital transformation activities. For example, encouraging people to make non-cash payments, encouraging people to install security cameras at home, developing high-tech agricultural production models, enhancing connectivity through the network and Smart applications on smartphones... From the efforts, drastic propaganda and actions of commune and village leaders as well as the active participation of the people, the model of Dam Buon smart village is increasing day by day. clear.

It is worth mentioning that the movements in the digitalization of rural agriculture are not only taking place in Dam Ha commune mentioned above but also throughout the district. This locality has a specific plan and implementation schedule, devoting relative resources to digital transformation.

It is worth noting that digital transformation thinking has entered into awareness and action among farmers, households, establishments and agricultural production enterprises in Dam Ha district, creating great and meaningful benefits. spread. The evidence for this is that now, throughout Dam Ha district, there are more and more production models applying high technology, using a system of modern and continuous equipment, a closed production process, especially. progressing to mastering the factors that formerly depended mainly on nature, approaching and promoting e-commerce...

Khanh Dan Food Processing and Trading Cooperative (headquarters of Dam Ha Commune, Dam Ha District) specializes in ready-to-eat seafood products, in which the main products are fish cakes and squid cakes of all kinds. Khanh Dan's remarkable point is that this unit approached e-commerce quite early. The annual revenue of Khanh Dan Cooperative is 30-40 billion VND, of which most orders are ordered online. Payment is by bank transfer, very fast and convenient. Thanks to accessing and promoting e-commerce, Khanh Dan's goods are now available nationwide, bringing great revenue to the unit, and income to employees...

It can be seen that many of the plus points in agriculture, farmers and rural areas in Dam Ha today are brought about by digitalisation. On the momentum of strong digital transformation taking place in each household, each agricultural enterprise in the countryside of Dam Ha district, this locality is planning to promote as well as improve the quality of existing digital activities.