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Dam Ha: Strong from the village cell, area


In order to meet the new development requirements, the Party Committee of Dam Ha district has determined that one of the key tasks is to constantly improve the leadership capacity and combat strength of the Party's grassroots organizations, especially in the regional cell branches. residential.


Implementing the merger of villages, hamlets and neighborhoods according to Resolution 89/NQ-HDND dated March 31, 2022 of the Provincial People's Council, Dam Ha district currently has 70 villages, hamlets and quarters. Correspondingly, there are 70 residential cell branches, which play the role of a comprehensive leadership nucleus, well implementing all political tasks in the locality.

In the past years, in order to improve the leadership capacity of the residential cell branches, Dam Ha district has focused on improving the quality of party members and improving the quality of life of the cell with the correct orientations and resolutions. requirements and reality at the grassroots. There are strong cell groups, enthusiastic and exemplary Party members, who have helped local political tasks to be implemented effectively, creating remarkable changes in many fields, such as improving cultural life urbanization in residential areas, emulation of production labor, self-management of information security, construction of new rural areas...

Mr. Pham Nhu Thong, Party Secretary, Head of Dong village (Duc Yen commune, Dam Ha district) said: Each meeting is an opportunity for party members to exchange and discuss current news; thoroughly grasp the latest directives of the superior committees. Party members report on the performance of assigned tasks in the month to receive suggestions, learn from experience, and provide optimal solutions for each political task. For example, the branch regularly brings the content of building new rural areas, advanced rural areas into monthly activities to discuss solutions to implement each criterion. That is the way for the village to continue to have "solutions" for even difficult criteria, especially about the rural environment.

Or like at Nham Cao village branch (Dai Binh commune, Dam Ha district), in order to concretize Uncle Ho's teaching: "A strong party is due to a good branch", all party members made great efforts to uphold the sense of responsibility. , being creative, volunteering, and united in all tasks, the Sub-Committee deploys a program of self-inspection and supervision in each assigned part and task to promptly support, encourage, or review and approve. immediately when needed. Young party members all promote the spirit of shock, becoming more and more confident in taking charge of new tasks. Elderly Party members are always a shining example of morality and lifestyle, often contributing a prestigious voice to the construction of a clean, strong and comprehensive branch.

In order to improve the fighting strength of the residential cell branches, the Party Committee of Dam Ha district also maintains regular briefings with the party secretaries, the heads of villages, hamlets, quarters, the heads of the front work committees. ... The Standing Board of the District Party Committee has specifically assigned members of the Standing Committee, members of the Executive Committee and officials and experts of the Party building committees, the Office of the District Party Committee, to regularly attend the activities. for all branches directly under the grassroots party committees assigned to be in charge. This approach is also implemented by the Party Committees of communes and townships to promptly assist the cell branches in performing their tasks and overcoming limitations and shortcomings.

The district also attaches great importance to the selection and strengthening of a team of party cell secretaries who are capable, qualified and reputable to take on important responsibilities in residential areas. In particular, the model of party cell secretary who is also the head of villages, hamlets and neighborhoods has been implemented by the locality in 100% of villages, hamlets and neighborhoods since 2017, bringing clear results.

Every year, in Dam Ha district, over 90% of grassroots party organizations complete their tasks well or more; over 75% of party members successfully completed the task, of which 20% successfully completed the task.