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DDCI - Quang Ninh's PCI quality improvement platform


This morning (March 19), Quang Ninh province announced the results of a survey to assess competitiveness at departmental, sectoral and local levels - DDCI 2020 Index. This can be considered an effective solution to promote competition from the grassroots level, as a foundation for Quang Ninh to improve and maintain its leading position in PCI for many consecutive years.

The Management Board of Economic Zones and Cam Pha City led the DDCI Quang Ninh 2020 rankings.

In the 6th year of conducting the DDCI Index survey, Quang Ninh province continues to innovate its form as well as receive the response of the business community. More than 6,500 businesses, cooperatives and business households in the area participated, ranked their satisfaction with the quality of economic management of 34 units including 13 localities and 21 departments and sectors in 2020. In the first online survey, Quang Ninh also received a business response rate of more than 36%, the highest ever.

In particular, along with the survey on governance capacity, innovation activities of enterprises and corporate social responsibility, DDCI Quang Ninh 2020 also added content related to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on business operations; adding content to assess the phenomenon of "shifting responsibilities between departments or branches or shifting work to a higher authority" to the time cost; adjusting some contents of the component indexes to better reflect the new requirements posed to departments, divisions, branches, districts, towns and cities.

Mr. Dao Duy Hao, Standing Vice Chairman of the Business Association of Quang Ninh Province, said: "It is from the encouragement to businesses to help overcome the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic, government authority has organized in-depth conferences, directly grasped the activities of businesses, the coffee business model and promptly solve difficulties. Projects are publicly announced, businesses can monitor and appreciate that transparency."

In DDCI 2020 results, Cam Pha city returned to the top position after 1 year of relegation, followed by Co To island district, Tien Yen district. At the departmental level, the Management Board of Quang Ninh Economic Zone rose to the top, followed by the Department of Information and Communication, the State Bank branch. From the rather large gap between the top and bottom groups of the rankings, the leaders of Quang Ninh province asked the units to frankly acknowledge the shortcomings to make efforts to improve, helping Quang Ninh maintain its position in the group of leading provinces and cities nationwide in terms of PCI, a reliable destination to attract investment and stabilize the business.

Leaders of VCCI, Quang Ninh province and representatives of businesses initiated DDCI 2021.

Mr. Dau Anh Tuan, Head of the Legal Department of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), said that the collection of DDCI investigation information can help Quang Ninh make supportive policies for businesses, serving bigger goals.

"The DDCI assessment survey not only assesses the interaction between enterprises and the government, but can also assess the problems of enterprises themselves. Thus, it is feasible to identify what are the weaknesses of Quang Ninh's private enterprises, from which to offer support, training and consulting programs. The ultimate goal is to improve the capacity and qualifications of Quang Ninh private enterprises," said Mr. Dau Anh Tuan. emphasize./.