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Developing organic agricultural production - a sustainable way


In fact, developing organic agriculture is the direction that many localities are choosing. Quang Ninh is no exception to that trend. The investment in building high-tech application models, smart technology 4.0 is really an important foundation for Quang Ninh to expect to strongly develop organic agriculture in the near future. In particular, the province has been promoting the implementation of the project "Development of organic agriculture in Quang Ninh province to 2025, orientation to 2030" with many specific and feasible solutions.


The project of High-tech Agricultural Park (VinEco Agricultural Development and Production Investment Co., Ltd.) links with farmers from production, processing to product consumption.

Quang Ninh province has a lot of potential and advantages in terms of soil conditions, climate, abundant labor resources with a lot of experience to develop organic agriculture. Along with that is the great potential of the domestic market for organic products, when people's income levels increase rapidly, promoting the demand for safe and quality food.

In recent years, Quang Ninh province has also had positive signals about the development of organic agriculture. In particular, organic production models have applied the "6 no's" principle: No pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no growth stimulants, no preservatives, no genetically modified varieties, no contaminate the land. According to statistics, the whole province currently has over 1,000 hectares producing agricultural goods according to VietGAP standards, 28 establishments having VietGAP certification in the field of animal husbandry; 416 establishments apply advanced quality management programs (GMP, SSOP, HACCP...); 14 fruit growing regions, 5 fresh fruit packing facilities and 9 seafood export companies are eligible to export to the Chinese market; maintains 16 certified safe food supply chains with 59 product categories. In particular, there are 45ha of organic rice with an output of about 122 tons of products in Uong Bi city and Quang Yen town, yielding about 7 tons/ha, about 1 ton/ha higher than traditional rice cultivation. , the selling price is also 10-15% higher than rice cultivated in the old direction. From there, income increases from 10-30% compared to conventional production methods. It is important that the production does not use herbicides, chemical fertilizers or pesticides, so it brings many benefits to farmers, helping to stabilize output for products.