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Do not use cash in handling administrative procedures


Payment of non-cash administrative procedures is a digital financial service being promoted by units and localities in the province. This is considered a very important step in administrative reform, an inevitable trend to build a modern and transparent public financial management system.


Previously, when non-cash payments in public services were not implemented, people and businesses had to spend a lot of time and effort to go to administrative agencies to pay fees and charges. when dealing with administrative problems. This leads to a huge waste of costs, time and resources for implementation, but not standardization and unification of information, data, connection and integration standards for sharing to implement. public service.

Online payment on the National Public Service Portal and the Quang Ninh Provincial Public Service Portal will solve this problem, save time, and bring many conveniences and benefits to people and businesses.

For the convenience of organizations and citizens in paying administrative fees and charges by non-cash method, up to now, 100% of provincial and district public administrative centers have actively signed contracts with banks. in the area to provide payment channels such as scanning QR-Code, swiping cards via Post machines and arranging and assigning cadres and civil servants to regularly guide and propagate for citizens when they come to do procedures. This is a breakthrough in administrative procedure reform and digital transformation, which is highly appreciated by people and businesses.


"I do procedures in the field of land. If before I had to pay the registration tax fee at the bank, now the staff of the Ha Long City Public Administration Center guided me to pay through the national public service. , so you don't have to waste time traveling like before, saving costs" - Mr. Nguyen Van Luc (Bai Chay ward, Ha Long city) shared.


In the first 7 months of 2022, the whole province has over 37 billion VND paid online for the province's public services related to the land sector on the National Public Service Portal. Particularly in the Provincial Public Administration Service Center, people, organizations and businesses pay fees and charges via QR-Code scanning, card swiping via Post machine accounted for 57.5%, 7.5% higher than the plan. proposed plan.

Although the implementation of non-cash payment for public services has made strong progress, it has only focused on people and businesses in urban areas. In rural, remote and remote areas, people still face many difficulties in accessing and using this form. In the first 6 months of 2022, the average payment of administrative fees and charges by non-cash methods at district public administrative centers was 14.61%, not meeting the set plan (20%).

The reason is that people's habit of using cash is still popular, and it is difficult for some people to access IT applications. The work of information and propaganda so that people and businesses can see the benefits of paying through banks is still limited.

In order to accelerate the route of non-cash payment in solving administrative procedures, public administration centers are actively communicating to raise awareness, change people's behavior and consumption payment methods, thereby improve access to banking products and services for the people.

Ms. Duong Thu Ha, Director of the Uong Bi City Public Administration Center, said: The Center continues to propagate to people about the benefits of not using cash when conducting administrative transactions. At the same time, cooperate with banks to offer free support solutions and reduce service fees when people and businesses pay non-cash fees and charges. In addition, thoroughly understand and improve the role and responsibility of public servants in the implementation of non-cash payments at the Center.