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Dong Trieu: Promote the improvement of business investment environment


According to Dong Trieu's statistics, in the first 6 months of 2022, the town established 85 new businesses with a registered capital of over 700 billion VND, reaching 54% of the plan, up 2% over the same period. However, there are also about 70 enterprises that have temporarily ceased operation and dissolved.

Handling administrative procedures for people and businesses at the Public Administration Center of Dong Trieu Town.

The above data shows that the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic causing businesses to leave the market is not small, but the number of newly established businesses has also partly reflected the prosperity of the market, when the epidemic occurred. disease is gradually under control. This has an important contribution from the operating policies and directions of the Party, the State, the province and especially the locality in improving the business investment environment, accompanying businesses.

Administrative reform is identified as the key to improving the business investment environment, therefore, Dong Trieu has implemented the comprehensive digital transformation plan of Dong Trieu town to 2025 with orientation to 2030. Accordingly, focusing on digitizing industry data, first of all, digitizing 100% of receipts and results of administrative procedures at the Center for Public Administration, digital signature and electronic payment. 100% death for procedures eligible for providing online public services at level 4. Accelerate the cleaning of residential data, ensure it is correct, sufficient, clean and alive to receive and resolve 25 essential public services on the National Public Service Portal from July 1, 2022…

According to Mr. Phan Thanh Nam, Deputy Director of the Public Administration Center of Dong Trieu Town, leaders of the town's People's Committee regularly direct the review of administrative procedures to abolish, standardize, newly promulgate, amend and supplement the list of administrative procedures to be approved. determined and approved at the Center for Public Administration of the town. 100% of fees and charges are public; administrative procedures are carried out in all 4 steps (receiving, appraising, approving and returning results) at the center; comply with the principle of not adding dossiers more than once, not prolonging the processing time for administrative procedures higher than the provisions of law; combine implementation of monitoring and evaluation of administrative problem resolution quality through the satisfaction assessment system of people and organizations using technological devices (ipad).

Dong Trieu has reviewed and reduced the time for handling administrative procedures at the Town's Public Administration Center, especially procedures related to land and construction, minimizing time costs for businesses and people. The time for renewal and renewal of household business registration papers has been reduced from 5 days to 2 working days.