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Dong Trieu: Safe agricultural production


Over the past time, Dong Trieu Town People's Committee has actively accompanied and supported farmer members to implement safe agricultural production models towards a modern, sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.


The model of growing na VietGAP by farmer Nguyen Xuan Long (Viet Dan commune, Dong Trieu town).

Mr. Nguyen Van Thin, Vice Chairman of Dong Trieu Town People's Committee, said: One of the key tasks of the Association in recent years is to implement the model "Mobilizing farmers to participate in the organic production chain and e-commerce. period 2021-2025” in the town. With the role of the leader of the model, the town's People's Committee organizes extensive propaganda to officials, members and people of the whole town in order to change awareness and production habits towards organic production chains and e-commerce. death.

Up to now, the Association has coordinated to organize 8 dissemination conferences for 800 members and farmers about regulations and policies of the central and provincial levels on encouraging the development of organic agriculture associated with linkage in production. and consumption of agricultural products…; organized 4 training courses for 378 members and farmers on the use of biological products and organic fertilizers to improve productivity, product quality, and replace antibiotics and chemicals; production and trading of agricultural products, safe food and application of biological padding in livestock breeding for farmers... Thereby, gradually changing the farming habits of farmers, towards safe production and business and protect the environment.

In particular, the Association has deployed members and farmers to participate in models of growing high-quality guava, na, and rice in the direction of VietGAP, such as: The model of converting traditional custard apple to growing Taiwanese custard apple for efficiency. high economic value in Viet Dan commune, area of ​​5ha; the model of growing coriander according to VietGAP standards in Binh Khe commune, with an area of ​​45 ha; model of improving quality and food safety through VietGAP good agricultural practice in guava fruit production in Hong Thai Dong commune, area of ​​20ha; model of growing sticky rice with yellow flowers in Hong Phong commune, area of ​​10ha; Dai Thom rice variety model, with an area of ​​over 50 hectares in Thuy An and Binh Duong communes.

The town council also mobilized members and farmers to maintain and expand commercial larva farming areas combined with organic rice farming in 3 wards: Hung Dao, Xuan Son, and Kim Son. Thereby, gradually forming a safe and branded agricultural production area, both improving the quality of agricultural products, bringing high economic profits to farmers and protecting the ecological environment in rural areas.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thin added: Determining sustainable agricultural development is a long-term direction. In the coming time, the town's People's Committee will continue to build and organize centralized production linkage models in the direction of clean agriculture. organic agriculture, applying science and technology to production, contributing to realizing the town's goal of restructuring the agricultural sector.

The Association also continues to advise on the construction and formation of concentrated production areas to form large raw material areas to meet the needs of investors; regularly open training courses, guide farmers on organic production processes, VietGAP, Global GAP, application of environmentally friendly probiotics, associated with testing and monitoring the implementation of models to achieve the highest efficiency. Thereby, forming clean, safe and quality agricultural thinking among members and farmers in town.