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Dong Trieu: Strengthening budget collection solutions


In the context of many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, but in the first 6 months of the year with the best efforts of the entire political system and people in the area, Dong Trieu achieved 58% of the plan. provincial budget revenues.

According to the Department of Finance and Planning of Dong Trieu town, the state budget revenue in the area estimated to be realized in the first 6 months of the year reached VND 1,095.25 billion, equaling 40.38% of the estimate assigned by the town's People's Council and equaling 58.07 % of the estimate assigned by the province; increased 11% over the same period in 2021 (CK). In which: Notably, the collection of land use fees is estimated at 365 billion VND, equal to 25% of the estimate assigned by the Town Council and equal to 69% of the estimate assigned by the province, an increase of 69% of the share. The remaining taxes, fees, charges and other revenues are estimated at 226.7 billion dong, equal to 59% of the town's estimate and 64% of the province's estimate, up 36% of the stock.

Many localities have performed well the task of budget collection with revenues exceeding 50% of the estimate. For example, Mao Khe ward - the locality, despite being assigned budget autonomy in the first year with many difficulties, by June 15, the local budget revenue was over 16.2 billion VND, reaching 107.7% of the plan. maths. Some revenues are high such as fees and charges; personal income tax…

Functional forces in Mao Khe ward coordinate to review private construction projects.

For land revenue, the town has directed to strengthen the inspection and review of the process of organizing the auction of land use rights in the town. In the first 6 months of 2022, 3 successful auctions were held. auction with 142 plots of land, the winning value of 3 auctions is 341.95 billion VND.

At the same time, the town also actively directed and inspected the collection and prevention of revenue loss, effectively maintained and promoted the role of the town's interdisciplinary working group, which focused on a number of difficult-to-collect amounts such as: : Tax, construction fee, outstanding land use fee, environmental protection fee for land exploitation activities for leveling. To strictly, fully and promptly manage all production and business activities in the locality; organize the analysis and re-evaluation of revenue sources, especially revenue sources and taxes that are affected by revenue reduction due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic...

With solutions from general to specific, the efforts of the political system, business community and people, it is firmly believed that Dong Trieu will fulfill its assigned financial tasks in 2022.