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Dong Trieu Town: Effort to exceed the targets in 2022


The total production value of the town reached nearly VND 21,000 billion, equaling 74% of the year plan. Notably, the economic growth rate reached 15.1 %, 0.2 % higher than the same period. This is a high increase compared to the common ground in the province as well as localities in the country.

Service - trade sector continues to recover positively. Production value of services and trade in 9 months reached 5,695 billion dong, equal to 73.1% of the year plan. The town has implemented many solutions to stimulate tourism demand; Special successfully organized a conference to promote and promote tourism in Dong Trieu Town in 2022; Signing the tourism cooperation and development program of Dong Trieu Town - Uong Bi City - Quang Yen Town. In 9 months of 2022, the town welcomed over 602,125 visitors, reaching 92.6% of the plan year, 12.2 times higher than the same period.

Agriculture - forestry and fishery area increased by 5.9%. Basic economic structure in the right direction; agriculture - forestry and fisheries accounts for 6.1%; industry and construction accounting for 64.4%; Commercial services account for 29.5%. The total budget revenue reached 1,568.7 billion dong, equaling 83% of the provincial estimate assigned, up 16% over the same period.

The model of building a model NTM is interested in directing, the town continues to be the leading locality to build NTM of the province. Administrative reform, improving the business investment environment is paid attention to directing; 3 consecutive years (2019-2021) the leading town in the province in terms of administrative reform index (Par Index); For the first time in 2021, the town ranked first in the whole province on the measurement index of the people's satisfaction (SIPAS), ranked second in the competitiveness index at the Department, branch and local level (DDCI).

State management of planning, land, mineral resources, environment, ground clearance ... are drastically and effectively directed; key projects in the area are regularly inspected, urged and accelerated. Social security and people's care of people's lives are focused and guaranteed; The fields of education and training, health, labor, employment, social culture and sports continue to be concerned and invested.

 Dong Trieu Town Leaders checked the progress of land clearance, construction of resettlement areas for the river road project. Photo: Huyen Trang (CTV)

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Ngoan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Town People's Committee, the socio -economic development tasks in the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter of 2022 are very important, deciding on the completion of the targets and goals of the whole whole. five. The town has directed agencies, units and localities to focus on reviewing the contents, tallying the remaining and limited work, to have drastic and specific solutions to strive to complete exceeding the level. The targets set out.

The town drastically implemented socio -economic development solutions; ensure revenue, balance of revenues and expenditures and provincial targets assigned by provincial People's Councils; Complete the dossier of each project, project and results of disbursement of works items to have solutions to implement well, ensure the law. The town resolutely transfers investment capital for projects that are slow to implement, does not guarantee the disbursement progress; Ensuring December 31, 2022, 100% of public investment plan 2022.

The planning work is determined by the town as a key and breakthrough task. Thereby, completing and approving the general planning adjustment of the town in association with the project of establishing 4 wards and Dong Trieu city; Completed and put into use in the center of the town, the central square of the town and the 6th infrastructure of the river road resettlement area before November 30, 2022. Complete the project of concentrated fruit development; Project on building a model NTM and preliminary review of the 2 -year implementation of the Resolution of the Party Committee on restructuring the agricultural sector and modeling of NTM model; 2 communes Nguyen Hue and Hong Thai Dong returned to the target NTM; Establishing Dong Trieu 1 Industrial Park, Thuy An IC, promoting investment attraction, supporting investors ... The town continues to accelerate the land clearance progress of projects and works in the area, especially projects key; Stimulating tourism bridge associated with the prevention and control of CIVI-19 epidemic, striving for the fourth quarter of 2022 to welcome over 150,000 visitors ...