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 Phase 1 of the sea border of Ha Long - Cam Pha will be put into use in early 2022.

Construction of the Ha Long - Cam Pha sea border was started at the end of 2019, with the province's budget savings. According to the original design, the road meets the standard grade III delta with 4 lanes for motor vehicles, maximum speed of 60km/h, length 18.7km, width 18m (connecting point with sea border Tran Quoc Nghien, City, City). Ha Long; the end point connects to Cam Pha city urban road).

However, in order for Ha Long sea contour to become a new modern coastal landscape axis, connecting and exploiting the potential advantages of Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay, in August 2020, the Provincial People's Committee decided to adjust the project. project, increasing the size of the roadbed from 4 lanes to 6 lanes, adding more landscape items from the point of view of protecting the space status quo and the limestone mountain system along the route. In which, completing phase 1 with 4 lanes in 2021.

Following this direction, phase 1 of the project with 4 lanes has been completed as planned and put into use from January 1, 2022 to serve people. However, some connection items between the two phases of the project are currently causing unsightly beauty and affecting traffic activities on the route. Typically, the 4-lane asphalt pavement is at the same level with the 6-lane extended dirt road in phase 2, which is temporarily separated by plastic pillars. This makes the driver's psychology uneasy, fearing that the car will lose control and plunge into the sea at the bends close to the sea because there is no safety barrier. Besides, the traffic safety warning system is not synchronized; the ground part of the dirt road is still scattered and unsightly...

Mr. Dinh Van Doan, Deputy Director of the Provincial Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board, said: The province's policy is to immediately deploy the second phase of the project to synchronize the entire route and assign 2 The locality is Ha Long City - Cam Pha City. Other items such as reinforcing the roof, additional carpeting for the road surface, some finishing items are still in the process of being implemented. Therefore, the road is in a state of both exploitation and construction. This leads to out-of-sync route-wide items. The investor has asked the contractors to strengthen traffic safety warnings. At the same time, promote propaganda for people to be vigilant and follow instructions when traveling on the route.

Source: Collector