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 The last households of Binh Duong commune, Dong Trieu town received compensation for site clearance of the riverside road project.

On the afternoon of March 24, the last 8 households in Binh Duong commune went to the headquarters of the Commune People's Committee to receive money and sign to hand over the premises to the town, 6 days earlier than the campaign plan. This is considered a great effort of the commune when 314 households have to be cleared, the most in 12 communes and wards.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuong, Vice Chairman of the Commune People's Committee, said: Through the initial review, we found that there are 50-60 compensation plans to divide inheritance, more than 30 derelict graves, about 40 aquaculture households with a large area of ​​4,000m2 or more. Not to mention the identification of land origin, land use process and type of land is very difficult because there is exchange, purchase and transfer between households and many households have lost their papers. Therefore, the commune set up a team to assist the steering committee and asked all four villages to set up a sub-committee on site clearance led by the secretary of the cell as the village head. The whole political system of the commune, in the process of implementation, determined to do everything in the spirit of "near the people, respect the people, understand the thoughts and aspirations of the people" and by all means remove the concerns. problems of the people.

 Mr. Do Van An's family, Binh Duong commune, Dong Trieu town dismantled the house to hand over the ground for the project.

Mr. Do Van An, Tan Thanh village, Binh Duong commune, a household with an area of ​​land that must be cleared, shared: My house has more than 400m2 of residential land, and it is located right on the road at the intersection of the provincial gate, so I rent out a house for my business. inn. For a stable income of 7 million VND per month. So when I heard the news that my family had to move, I felt very sad. Through the process of being visited by commune officials and the Town Land Fund Development Center to propagate, mobilize, and explain in detail the State's compensation support policies, my family understood and decided to suffer a loss. little immediate benefit, but in the future, our life will have more development with this new route.

 Through the process of mobilization and propaganda of the local government, the people of Hung Dao Ward, Dong Trieu Town all agreed to hand over the site to the project.

Like Mr. An, the family of Mr. Doan Van, Thu Duong area, Hung Dao ward, after being mobilized and propagated by the town about the meaning of the project, the family agreed and actively cooperated with the government. local authority in counting agricultural land and handing over the land right before the Lunar New Year.

Due to the great efforts of the whole political system, by the end of March 25, the town has completed the tally of 2,934 households (reaching 100%) and 305 graves (reaching 100%). The town has also completed the confirmation of the land origin, publicized the compensation plan and especially approved the compensation plan for site clearance for 2,934 households (reaching 100%). The completion of the approval of the site clearance compensation plan is an important procedure to speed up the payment of site clearance compensation, to mobilize households, individuals and organizations to hand over the site to the project soon. Up to now, nearly 2,000 households have received compensation and handed over the site with a total amount of over 555 billion VND.

 Currently, nearly 2,000 households in Dong Trieu town have received compensation and handed over the site with a total amount of over VND 555 billion.

Affirming the determination of the locality in implementing the campaign, Mr. Le Van Luong, Director of the Town's Land Fund Development Center, said: In the final days of the campaign, we will continue to strengthen the public propaganda, mobilizing people to agree to hand over land. However, most of the remaining households have not received compensation, mainly because the town is waiting for the Ministry of Public Security to soon have a written agreement on the plan to recover land in the area of ​​Hang Son Prison as a basis for payment. pay compensation to households and organizations whose land is recovered. With the written consent of the Ministry of Public Security, we will arrange human resources to work all day and all night to strive to complete the site clearance task on March 30, 2022 - the end of the 150-day campaign. Clearance of the riverside route in accordance with the direction of the province. Thereby contributing to ensure that the project will be started according to the set schedule.