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Efforts to maintain the leading position in PAR


Quang Ninh has always identified administrative reform, strongly improving the investment environment, and enhancing competitiveness as important driving forces for sustainable socio-economic development. Therefore, the province has set out many specific solutions and goals, especially upholding the motto "5 truths" so that state agencies and officials can


Officers of Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch handle administrative procedures for businesses on the VNACCS/VCIS electronic customs clearance system.

Over the past 5 years, Quang Ninh has been leading the PCI Index (2017-2021) consecutively; 4 consecutive years (2017-2020) ranked first in the PAR INDEX Index, in 2021 ranked 2nd out of 63 provinces and cities in the country; Leading the SIPAS index for 3 consecutive years (2019-2021). This is the result of long-term efforts in implementing many synchronous solutions, breakthrough models of reform and improvement of business investment environment, towards a service administration. In particular, Quang Ninh is the only locality in the country to receive the Third-class Labor Medal in the effective implementation of administrative reform in the 2011-2020 period.

To achieve this result, promote the effectiveness of administrative procedure reform through the model of a public administrative center, Quang Ninh continuously reviews and simplifies the process, minimizing the processing time. decide administrative procedures from 40-60% compared with regulations; bring 100% of administrative procedures eligible for settlement at public administrative centers at all levels; provided 1,712/1,832 online public services at level 3 and 4 on the online public service portal of the province, of which 1,387 administrative procedures were provided with online public services at level 4, reaching 75%, corresponding to 100 % TTHC eligible; the total number of applications received online reached 70%; The number of online public services at level 3 and 4 of the province that have been integrated into the National Public Service Portal is 1,222 procedures, reaching the rate of 75%. The rate of dossiers being processed before and on time in Quang Ninh always reaches a very high rate, over 99%. This result has brought satisfaction to people, organizations and administrative services in the province.

Not only that, Quang Ninh also actively proposes many mechanisms and policies in line with reality to attract, foster and improve the quality of cadres, civil servants and public employees to recruit employees. having sufficient qualifications, while ensuring publicity, transparency and thrift. At the same time, innovation in the appointment work through the recruitment exam for leadership and management titles ensures democracy, publicity and transparency. Quang Ninh is also a pioneer in building e-government as a foundation for building digital government with the determination to build a modern, efficient, transparent, and service-oriented administrative system. Up to now, it is the locality with the largest number of agencies implementing electronic ISO in the country with 227 agencies, thereby, contributing to the modernization of the administration.


Delegation of Administrative Reform Department (Ministry of Home Affairs) inspects the settlement of administrative procedures in the electronic environment in Quang Ninh, September 2022. Photo: Minh Ha

With high political determination, Quang Ninh is also the first province in the country to put the goal: "Keeping the top position in terms of PCI, PAR Index, SIPAS and PAPI" into the Resolution of the Provincial Party Congress. 15th, term 2020-2025. The Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution No. 05-NQ/TU dated April 9, 2021 on promoting administrative reform, improving the business investment environment, and enhancing provincial competitiveness in the 2021 period. -2025, orientation to 2030. This is not only the goal of achieving the highest scores and positions of the indicators, but also important to building a local image at the forefront of innovation and creativity, building a culture of commitment, a culture of companionship, and a culture of enforcement by the government with people and businesses.

On the basis of the achieved results, in 2023 and the coming years, Quang Ninh will continue to identify administrative reform, strongly improving the investment environment, and improving competitiveness as an important driving force for economic development. - Social sustainability. Therefore, right from the first days and first months of the new year, the province is determined to effectively implement the goal of building an increasingly modern, professional, disciplined, dynamic, public, transparent and efficient administrative system. effectiveness, efficiency, associated with leading brand positioning in terms of administrative reform, business investment environment, provincial competitiveness. Accordingly, the province will continue to promote the implementation of three strategic breakthroughs in socio-economic infrastructure, high-quality human resources, and quality administrative reform. At the same time, continue to renovate the organization and operation of the political system; improve the leadership capacity and combat strength of the Party committees and organizations at all levels and the contingent of cadres and party members; ensure effective management of all levels of government.

In particular, continue to promote the development of information technology infrastructure, build and use shared software, ensure compatibility, synchronization and smoothness to improve the efficiency of direction and administration of users. top. Along with that, the province will review, amend and supplement regulations to renew the financial autonomy mechanism at state agencies and public non-business units; promote the form of public-private partnership to mobilize investment resources; focus on solving difficulties for businesses and investors.

Particularly for the focal agencies, the component indexes PAR Index, PCI, SIPAS, PAPI, the province also requires to actively review and carefully study the component indexes that have not been appreciated, urgently research solutions. specific, practical and effective methods associated with innovation in ways of doing things, initiatives and inspection, urging and supervision. In the immediate future, in the first phase of the year, the province has directed departments, branches, units and localities to continue to raise awareness, responsibility, and participation of the whole political system, heads and all public officials. Employees with the highest determination to maintain and maintain the indicators. At the same time, regularly review legal documents to recommend or advise on amendment, supplement, annulment or replacement; cut down the time for handling administrative procedures, especially in the field of construction, natural resources, environment, and land, creating favorable conditions for people and businesses; focus on digitizing records and papers and reusing the results of digitizing records and solving administrative procedures.

Along with that, the province will mobilize, allocate and use resources overall, in which internal resources are strategic, external resources are important; digitization in handling administrative procedures at all 3 levels of government; focus on deploying connection, communication and data sharing for the customs, tax and banking sectors; increase the rate of online payment on the national public service portal. At the same time, strengthen self-inspection, inspection and supervision in the implementation of administrative procedure reform