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Enhancing OCOP products


Over the past time, OCOP Quang Ninh products have affirmed their brand in the market. In order to continue to raise the bar for these products, organizations, cooperatives, and enterprises have actively paid attention to technological innovation, applying scientific and technical advances to production, and bringing quality and design. beautiful for products, meet consumer tastes. herbal tea products at Dong Bac Medicinal Plantation, Production and Processing Co., Ltd (Cam Pha City).

Dong Bac Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Cam Pha City) is one of the units evaluated by the authorities for its outstanding development in recent years thanks to boldly applying science and technology to production. From implementing the project of applying science and technology to grow and process medicinal plants in Quang Ninh province, the company has received 12 technological processes on propagation, planting, care, preliminary harvesting of products of 3 species of medicinal plants. data from Hoai Son, Jiaogulan, and three sizes from the Hanoi Center for Research in the Cultivation and Processing of Medicinal Plants (Institute of Medicinal Materials, Ministry of Health). In 2020, the company has invested over 10 billion VND to renovate and build a new GMP factory system, R&D room, Lab - testing room, large-scale drying house. The technical equipment and machinery are modernly invested to meet the strict requirements of production.

Currently, the company's products include Jiaogulan tea; liver tonic tea, liver detox tea; eucalyptus tea; diabetes tablets; White tea tablets... are all 4-star rated OCOP products that are highly appreciated by consumers for their quality and design. According to a representative of Dong Bac Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company: Currently, the company's products have been known and used by consumers inside and outside the province. In the coming time, the company will continue to research and improve products and models, as well as invest in more machinery and lines to develop products.

Hop Tien Cooperative (Binh Lieu district) is one of the units producing pure and pure honey from natural beehives and from beehives raised in villages, slots and hamlets. In order to bring customers quality products, from 2019 to now, the cooperative has boldly invested in machinery and equipment to perfect products, such as: Press machine, part launching machine, source traceability stamp system Original... Currently, Binh Lieu's forest honey product of the cooperative has been rated OCOP 3 stars and is waiting for the exam to rank up to 4 stars OCOP.