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Ensuring growth rate in 2022: Prioritizing weak and difficult stages


The growth rate of agricultural, forestry and fishery production in the first 6 months of the year reached 3.28%, 0.91 points lower than the same period last year and 0.55 points lower than the growth scenario. . In order to achieve the target of 4.5% annual growth rate of Agriculture sector, the task for the last 6 months of the year is quite heavy; It is necessary to have breakthrough solutions to remove the "knots".

Some notable results and targets

 The price of Quang Ninh's farmed oysters at the end of June was only 2,000-4,000 VND/kg.

Highlights of the agricultural picture in the first 6 months of the year: Total food production is over 101,000 tons; total livestock and poultry: 27,800 buffaloes, 31,300 cows, 272,000 pigs, 4.1 million chickens; total meat output 51,700 tons, up 7%; the total area of ​​concentrated afforestation is 8,800 ha, of which 1,426 ha are fern, jasmine, and papaya trees; total timber production 410,000m3, an increase of 24%; total fishery production 73,000 tons, up 9% (fishing 35,000 tons, farming 38,000 tons).

The economic growth rate (GRDP) in the agriculture, forestry and fishery sector reached 3.28%, 0.91 percentage points lower than the same period last year, 0.55 percentage points lower than the scenario, accounting for the proportion accounted for 5.1% in the GRDP, contributing 0.16 percentage points to the province's GRDP growth.

According to the assessment of specialized units, the agricultural production indexes in the past 6 months are not too low in quantity but low in value. The reason is that the purchasing price of many key agricultural products has fallen sharply. For example, molluscs, the output reached over 15,000 tons, an increase of over 10%, but the resale price decreased by 60%. Along with that, the input costs of agriculture, such as fertilizers, animal feed, labor costs, transportation ... increased.

 Thien Thuan Tuong Mining Joint Stock Company (Cam Pha City) increased the area of ​​corn biomass for cattle feed.

Specific targets assigned by the province to the Agriculture sector: Remove IUU yellow card (illegal and undeclared fishing); production of 25,000 tons of farmed shrimp; planting 2,500 ha of forest of ironwood, jasmine, and papaya trees; replacing foam floats with standard HDPE floats… has been actively deployed, with the target of achieving positive results.