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Ensuring the safety of irrigation works in the rainy season


In order to ensure the safety of irrigation works and effectively respond to complicated weather changes, especially in the rainy and stormy season, Quang Ninh province has directed localities, units and related industries to build develop many solutions and plans to ensure absolute safety of dams and dyke systems in the area. Goc Thau Reservoir is managed by Dong Trieu Irrigation One Member Limited Liability Company.

To ensure the safety of irrigation works, especially reservoirs, in the face of increasingly complicated and unpredictable natural disasters, Dong Trieu Irrigation One Member Limited Liability Company has reviewed all public systems. submitted before the rainy and stormy season in 2022. Based on the inspection results, to repair key construction items, such as: sluices under the dam, spillways; maintenance of machinery and equipment of sewage pumping stations…

Goc Thau Reservoir managed by Dong Trieu Irrigation One Member Limited Liability Company has a capacity of nearly 550,000 m3, which is responsible for providing water for irrigation of 35 hectares of arable land in Trang Luong and Binh Khe communes; however, after more than 20 years of being put into use, many items of the work have deteriorated; The body of the dam prevents water from leaking, potentially posing a risk of unsafety of the reservoir when the lake water level rises. With financial resources from the Provincial Disaster Prevention Fund, from the end of 2021, the company has set up a project to repair and upgrade degraded items at this lake. The body of the dam to prevent water of Goc Thau reservoir has been reinforced and paved with anhydrous stone to prevent erosion; The canals after the spillway were built and upgraded to ensure water drainage.

It is known that the province has over 180 dams and reservoirs, with a total design capacity of over 359 million m3; in which, reservoirs with a large capacity of over 10 million m3 ensure a high safety index. However, according to the National Center for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting, in 2022, the weather will continue to have unpredictable changes, with the possibility of many strong storms, complicated movements, and local heavy rains. …

Therefore, the units assigned to manage and exploit irrigation works in the province need to closely follow the changes of the weather; organize 24/24 duty and take the initiative in prevention plans according to the principle of "3 first", "4 on the spot" to ensure the safety of the works, contributing to ensuring the safety of assets and production activities. of people.