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In order to improve operational efficiency, restore production and business after the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, businesses in Quang Ninh continue to determine that they must invest in science, technology and innovation.

Despite being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, sales in 2021 of Dat Viet Brick and Tile Joint Stock Company (Dong Trieu Town) reached nearly VND 700 billion (equal to 2020), paying over 50 billion VND to the state budget. billion VND (increased compared to 2020); average income over 14 million VND/person/month. In addition, the company has also won many noble awards of the Party and State and of prestigious domestic and international organizations such as: Science and Technology Enterprises; gold medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization; 3 times Vietnam Gold Star; 2 silver prizes, 1 national quality gold prize; 27 Vietnamese records; 2 world records; 5 patents exclusive utility solution...

To achieve that achievement, since its establishment, the company has always attached great importance to science and technology as the key, the premise of research and creation, creating a breakthrough in production activities. Currently, the company is a pioneer in applying advanced science and technology, bringing robots to replace humans in heavy production stages. In particular, the company has successfully applied ultra-fine grinding technology in the production of high-quality ceramic tiles.


An employee of Quang Ninh Seafood Trading and Production Co., Ltd. packs fresh oyster products.

Currently, many businesses in Quang Ninh have invested heavily in science and technology with the desire to soon bring to market quality products, raising the brand value and products of the province. In particular, thanks to mechanisms and policies to promote the development of science and technology such as the Law on Science and Technology, the Law on Science and Technology Transfer, enterprises can participate in scientific topics and projects of the State, and receive 10% of pre-tax profits into the fund. science and technology development of enterprises, corporate income tax exemption for S&T enterprises... These are the State resources to help enterprises develop more in production.

Mr. Pham Xuan Dai, Director of the Department of Science and Technology, said: In order to support businesses, the department has directed specialized departments and divisions to strengthen propaganda and introduce businesses to access and apply new technologies to their operations. production and business activities. Along with that, regularly organize conferences to meet and meet businesses to help solve problems related to the field of science and technology, especially related legal procedures, mechanisms and policies.