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EVN seeks to speed up electricity imports from Laos


Vietnam Electricity (EVN) is seeking approval from the government to speed up the import of electricity from Laos since shortages are forecast in the northern region.

It plans to import electricity equivalent to 225 MW from the Nam Mo and Houay Koauan hydropower plants.

It is also seeking permission to link up the Savan 1 and 2 wind power plants in Laos with the Vietnamese grid.

Until 2025 no new major power plant is set to enter the grid in northern Vietnam, which is expected to face shortages.

By 2025 the shortage is estimated to be 3,630 MW.

Purchasing from Laos is economical since its hydropower costs only 6.95 cents per kilowatt-hour, lower than local prices, EVN said.

In August Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh approved a proposal to import 2,698 MW worth of power from Laos, with EVN signing purchase contracts for around 83% of it.

The north suffered a crippling power shortage in summer this year, with many localities resorting to load shedding. Imports from Laos and China met 10% of demand during the period.