Investment News



Mr. Soichi Inoue (Marubeni Vietnam Co., Ltd.) shared at the conference to promote Japanese enterprises' investment in Quang Ninh (December 2021), saying that, for large investors, Quang Ninh has been chosen as the place " landing", the strongest attraction is the attitude of the provincial leaders, the clarity and transparency in policies, the speed of handling work of all levels of government, as well as the increasingly synchronous infrastructure.

 Textile production at Hoa Loi Dat Vietnam Garment Co., Ltd (Hai Ha Seaport Industrial Park).

In 2021, Jinco Solar Group decided to invest in 2 projects in Quang Ninh, with a total investment of over $800 million. The process of granting investment certificates for these two projects is only 4 days since the Provincial Economic Zone Management Board received the complete investment documents of the project, 15 working days earlier than prescribed. From the time the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee have approved, until the issuance of the investment registration certificate is 1 working day (4 working days early compared to the regulations of administrative procedures). Currently, these two projects are being actively implemented by the investor, as committed to the province.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Bui Van Khang said: The province is most interested in the investment efficiency of businesses and investors after being licensed to invest in the area. Therefore, in order for businesses to operate effectively, the province must guide and create the most favorable conditions from supporting site clearance, finding labor sources, product consumption markets, to ensuring security and order. import-export procedures, tax reduction. Up to now, 100% of investment projects in Quang Ninh have had good economic growth, the next year is higher than the previous year, making positive contributions to the state budget and creating stable jobs for local workers.