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Expand exploitation of potential partners


In parallel with building an attractive and safe investment environment, the Provincial People's Committee as well as departments, branches, branches and localities are all active, proactive, diversifying investment promotion activities and implementing solutions. measures to attract businesses. The focus is on regularly organizing working sessions and business contacts; promptly listen and find solutions to solve difficulties and problems for investors, especially industrial park infrastructure investors and strategic investors who have been investing in projects in the province. .

Currently, the province is also urgently completing the development of a set of criteria for evaluating and selecting investors to implement industrial park infrastructure investment projects and secondary investment projects in industrial parks and economic zones in the province. . With the set of criteria, the province will clearly express its viewpoint in prioritizing and creating conditions for investors with reputation, potential and experience; Attracting a focus on high-tech, environmentally friendly processing and manufacturing industry projects that contribute greatly to the budget... in order to select investors quickly, effectively, and ensure compliance with regulations. direction and achieve targets. Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Cao Tuong Huy awarded the investment registration certificate for the FECV Factory and Foxconn Quang Ninh FMMV Factory projects with a total capital of nearly 250 million USD.

From the beginning of the year until now, the province has welcomed and worked with more than 80 delegations, including more than 60 delegations to research and explore investment opportunities in the province, double the number over the same period. Including many famous business groups and investors such as: Fetrichor Capital Group - Malaysia, Maersk Vietnam - Denmark Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation Vietnam Co., Ltd... Along with prestigious groups and organizations such as: Special Advisory Team of Japan-Vietnam Parliamentary Friendship Alliance; Singapore Business Association delegation; US - ASEAN Business Council... In particular, besides traditional partners such as China, Japan, Korea, Singapore... the province has been connecting better and better with potential partners. new capabilities such as Sweden, New Zealand, Qatar, Belgium...